Saturday, September 30, 2006
And you thought Beyonce stans were potty. Peep this:

You hear stories all the time about fans searching through the trash cans of their favourite celebrity, you hear about Britney's pregnancy test "piss stick" auctioned on Ebay at extremely high bidding (like why would you want the stick with the scent of Britney's piss all over it is beyond me but that's sick) as well as fans getting hold of Michael Jackson's dirty bath water (to drink I gather). Hell, I wonder how much it'll be worth for Beyonce's used tampon. After all, some of you are so far up her ass I know that owning such a commodity would be just as good as. Well, let me press on with this. Above is one of the winners of Janet's album cover design. As you can see, the cover in the background is the one he designed (which I hate by the way). As part of the winning process, he got lots of free signed albums by Janet, but his mother went out and brought 100 copies of the 20 Y.O album with his cover design. She actually spent $1,000. WTF? Hell, if you have that much money to throw away, donate to charity! Well, they say they're for friends and family and all the signed copies, he refuses to sell. Hell, if I had lots of free signed albums from the legendary Janet herself, Ebay is the first place I'd hit up as I further draft an outline as to where I'll go on vacation or what new car I could buy with my generous earnings. That is what you call dead loyal, but crazy all the same.

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Monica Mania reports that Mya's management is messing her up once again by changing her first single back to Lock You Down. This outcome could cause severe consequences for her upcoming project Liberation. Originally, as reported on my old blog Lock You Down was originally the first choice, before it was revealed that the Scott Storch produced Ayo was to be the first single. Now Mya reveals it's just a buzz track. There were even alleged pictures floating around where she was supposedly on the set of her Ayo video. Now when I read about Mya being on Motown, I knew they were going to mess her up as what they did with 702. I wouldn't even be surprised if the next piece of news is that the album has been pushed back to next year. It seems like its heading that way.

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This week was proper major because for the first time, we saw Beyonce all knocked out in a drunken state as her scrawled out body sat in a cab with fella Jay-Z. After partying hard with the likes of Coldplay's Chris Martin and his woman Gwyneth Paltrow, it was so lovely to see that Beyonce was finally letting her hair down and having some fun. The funny thing about these pictures is that Jay-Z is as sober as a motherfucker and even saw the funny side - his girlfriend totally bladdered. The second funny thing about the pictures is she couldn't have been THAT drunk if she knew where to put her hand in order to protect her modesty.

Beyonce is notoriously a work-a-holic. She breathes, eats, shits and lives her whole life to work. For years, Beyonce has practically thrown herself into her work without taking any time out. We thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown as work takes its toll on her body, from losing all that weight and starving herself for her Dream Girls movie, from recording her new album B'Day in two weeks, to prepare herself for the promotional roller-coaster that would follow after it and even when she attends events and parties, it is all work affiliated.

See, Beyonce has not rested ever since she first graced our TV screen at sixteen years old with that NO NO NO video back in 1998. I had just left high school and as Beyonce was a few weeks older than me, I remember looking at her with huge inspiration. She was talented, beautiful and motivated. I knew she would go far, and I wanted to be just like her. Finally, a black girl of my age to look up to (well, of course there was Aaliyah but something about Beyonce just stood out) when she was a part of the hugely successful R&B group Destiny's Child.

We finally got to see Beyonce the human being, and not Beyonce the A-List celebrity. So, I thought that seeing Beyonce drunk was a refreshing image because it is very rare we see this side to her and we would like to see more of it. Well, not seeing her act crazy but for once just letting her hair down without a care in the world. With Beyonce's roller coaster lifestyle, she definitely deserves it.

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Not content with cursing at a PETA woman and getting Miss Jones suspended, the feisty Tina Knowles is cutting interviews short. This woman surely does have a short fuse. Someone tell that to British singer Jamelia who trashed Beyonce's B-Day album this week. Well, you're one to talk sweetheart.

Alicia Keys and her mother takes a vacation in Italy.

Cassie's album may have dropped out of the top 100 but she still manages to make an appearance at TRL yesterday. Ah, bless her.

You've watched the interview and the performances which I put up yesterday so check out these fab pictures of Janet's appearance on the Today show yesterday morning.

Jennifer Lopez looked lovely at her Puerto Rican press conference. I'd have posted her hubby Mark Anthony of course but his pictures made my stomach churn, and my bacon sarnie was way too tasty to puke it back up.

Monica dropped by at the Letterman show with her dog. Kudos to Monica for going back to the darker hair. She looks great! You can watch her performance in a previous post. Oh, and she's wearing my favourite colour!

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^^^Monica performs Everytime Tha Beat Drops on The Late Show: David Letterman^^^

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Friday, September 29, 2006

When I See U - Fantasia [download: full]

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^^^The Interview^^^

^^^So Excited Performance^^^

^^^Call On Me performance feat Nelly^^^

^^^Nasty performance^^^

^^^Email segment^^^

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The Makings of Me - Monica
38 minutes. 10 songs. And no bonuses. With very little input for the fans after two years of recording, it does appear that Monica's label decided that this is all we will get for our money's worth (due release date: 3rd October 2006). However, such a small offering can be overlooked since Monica steadily comes back to the brilliant-standard Monica we've all grown to know and love over the years. I haven't been feeling a Monica record since her debut Miss Thang and The Boy Is Mine. Even her unreleased album All Eyez On Me was great but unfortunately got traded in for the atrocity that was After The Storm. Now Monica is back at her biting best. The hard-biting snap-affiliated first single Everytime Tha Beat Drop does not emphasise Monica's talent to the fullest but then you have wonderful slow tempo tracks like A Dozen Roses, My Everything, Get Away and Why Her where the vocal talent just comes shining through. Even the laidback midtempo's give us something to rejoice over (Hell No, Gotta Move On, Doin' Me Right, etc) and we're even seeing a lot of Monica's ghetto side (Sideline Ho, and her constant usage of the "n" word which wasn't so prevalent on previous records). But this album is good hardcore R&B at best. A shame about the quantity or I'd have given this top marks but Monica hasn't disappointed as far as quality is concerned.

Rating: 4/5

The First Seed - Yummy Bingham
This generous 16-track album has a lot to offer. I don't really understand why she flopped in the US. Come Get It is commercial savvy in my opinion, and despite the unique tone in her voice, the talent is definitely there. The album is set to be released in the UK on 9th October 2006. With hard-hitting R&B beats (Is It Good), fantastic yet edgy midtempo cuts (I Don't Really, Quickie), futuristic R&B (You Aint Ready), some well-sung slow jams (Had To Be Me) and some old-skool sounds here and there, this album is a listening roller coaster from start to finish. My favourites are Come Get It, Is It Good, One More Chance and Time amongst others. Her voice is packed with emphasis and attitude which accentuates the music at full capacity but also, she knows when to tone it down where appropriate. I like what she does with her voice showcasing that she's not just a one-level type of singer. I really enjoyed this album. She definitely put her own spin on things and the beats are fresh and innovative. Great effort!

Rating 4/5

The Evolution of Robin Thicke - Robin Thicke
16 brilliant tracks, summery laidback vibes, a more talented Justin Timberlake, fully underrated, beautiful melodies, a celebration of what true R&B music should really be about. When I listen to this album and the music soothingly penetrates my head, these are all the thoughts that preoccupies my mind regarding this Robin Thicke album. I am mad this album has been pushed back on many occasions (due release date: 3rd October 2006) because the summery chilled back vibe surrounds the album throughout. There are some catchy joints here and there but the album is chilled and smooth. My favourites? Well, that would have to be Ask Myself, All Night Long, Wanna Love You Girl, Lonely World, Angels, Got 2 Be Down & Lost Without You. But as a whole I loved the album, with a bit of soul, lots of R&B, acoustic, piano-laid and futuristic and catchy joints, this CD is definitely another one to add to the CD collection. Full marks most definitely.

Rating: 5/5

So there you have it. Three top R&B releases to look forwards to this coming October!

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Well, you've seen the cover and here are Janet's other King shots, and no she doesn't look like a crackhead either. I'm not really feeling these. The Vanity Fair shoot was hot and dignified but these ones are not as much. Oh well.


Rihanna attended the Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2007 and looked great!


Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Monica's new album The Making's of Me has finally leaked. I know it's a good album despite the very short tracklisting. I have yet to listen to it in full but I'll be back later with my review. Thank you Booskee for the hook-up.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Singer Beyonce Knowles, rapper Jay-Z, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her fella Coldplay's Chris Martin attend the after party following the concert by Jay-Z at The Royal Albert Hall, at Movida on September 27, 2006 in London, England. As Jay-Z's UK/European tour comes to an end, an afterparty was held in celebration for the success of the tour. Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce and Jay-Z partied away like no tomorrow and had lots of fun! It's no secret that these two high profile couples are close. Coldplay are working with Jay-Z on his comeback album and Beyonce has once alluded to her close friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Beyonce shows her cute side with Chris Martin, and right, Jay-Z is loving all that womanly presence!
But here are some pictures we thought we would NEVER see. Beyonce drunk all sprawled out in a cab, and even though she's completely out of it, at least she managed to go out of her way not to pull a Lindsay "Firecrotch" Lohan. This girl has class, even when drunk! You know Jay-Z had to carry her to the hotel once they reached their destination.
Last night, Monica was on 106 & Park where she performed her current single Everytime Tha Beat Drops. As soon as the performance ended, I put up the video straight after.
Kelis in London.
Danity Kane at P.Diddy's album release party.

Here's a new promo picture taken from Nivea's upcoming 3rd album Animalistic which is due to be released 15th November 2006.

Promise - Ciara [download: full]

And here's the moment I've been waiting for! Ciara's new single Promise in HQ. No AOL tag or anything, just perfect and in fantastic quality so download NOW before the link dies.

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I recieved an email from some guy name Paul. He wanted to know what I thought about Monica's new album The Makings of Me only having 10 tracks. Well, if you really want to know, I think that sucks. More than half of her CD has leaked and these songs were out many weeks ago, so what exactly do we have to look forwards to? I have at least five of her songs and a 2 minute snippet so I'm not really happy about it because:

1. The fans won't be getting their money's worth
2. It's stingy
3. All her other albums have had a decent proportionate amount of tracks so why cut this one? The album better have some bonus tracks to make up for it.

I know it's cheaper to have a short album these days but there's no excuses. If you want the best result and you want to please the fans, have a standard 14-track CD. I thought 14 tracks was the standard amount. I guess it's gone down to 10. Judging by the sampler the music sounds good, but I'm still pissed.

The Makings of Me Album sampler: [download: snippets]

Check out her 106 & Park performance yesterday when she performed Everytime Tha Beat Drops!


Does anyone have Leanne Rimes, How Can I Live Without You. I really want that song. Thanx in advance!

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Beyonce's Got Milk Ad. Mama Tina looks better than Beyonce!


More pictures from Janet's FHM album release party as she poses with the stars. Just wanted to use this post to report that Janet WILL knock Justin Timberlake off the top spot selling at around 340-360k. It seems the Oprah effect really did help her out. Congrats Janet but I won't be popping those corks until Tuesday. Also, Radio One has reported that Janet has gone PLATINUM in the UK selling 300,000 copies in just TWO days. That's banana's! For those that missed Janet on Oprah on Monday, check out the links below:

Part 1 : Janet Performs "Nasty"/Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 /Part 5 / Part 6/Part 7 : Janet Performs "So Excited"

Cassie & Nelly Furtado at P.Diddy's press release party.


'The record was too full of midtempos and ballads, so I wanted to bring it up a little bit,' Kelly Rowland tells MTV about her upcoming CD set for an early 2007 release. It turns out that Kelly's scrapped sophomore album The Story has come to a halt completely as the singer decides to go back to her "urban" roots with the Destiny's Child sound in tact. Good move, but she should've done that the FIRST time round instead of doing pop. I'm not going to paste the whole interview but you can read the whole article here at MTV.

P.Diddy has changed his cycle as he tells Vibe that his twins will be girls. He says: "I'm having twin girls. People say, to a so-called ladies' man or whatever, that when you have girls it changes you. So I was like, 'What's God trying to tell me by giving me two girls? When I pray every morning, I thank God for showing me what he showed me while I still have a chance to enjoy myself." The couple also have a son, Christian, eight, and Combs has another son with stylist Misa Hylton-Brim, Justin, 12. I wonder how Jennifer Lopez feels since all her exes are having babies. The ONE thing she desperately wants. I hope Jenny gets pregnant soon. Anyway, congrats Puffy!


I am extremely sad to report that Etienne Evolution (TripleEspot) is closing down his blog so if you want to wish him well and say goodbye to a fantastic inspirational blog, now's the chance to do it. His blog will be deleted in a weeks time.

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Janet Jackson at her album release party.

My friend is a huuuuge Jay-Z fan and attended his concert when he was in my city last saturday. As I keep reporting Jay-Z has been in the UK on his European tour. As my friend is totally in-love with Jay-Z's ugly ass, she had one whale of a time. I don't know what it is that has her mesmerised by him. Maybe she likes men with big fat noses that predominate their faces or maybe she gets wet and sticky looking at those jumbo-sausage shaped lips. Either way, I did hear good things about the concert, despite Jay-Z's shortlived retirement. Anyway, my friend begged me to post some pictures on my blog. Soooo ....

These are candids of Beyonce and her jiggaman in London. Below, are his pictures taken from his European tour.


He has the audience doing that sign that Beyonce always does when she's around him, whatever it's supposed to mean. By the way, why do I only see two black faces in the audience?

Hoodie Rap.
Whilst on his private jet, Jay-Z reads British Broadsheet newspaper The Times and not the tabloid junk that prevails us. Could Jay-Z really care about more conservative issues in the world? Mmmm, maybe not.

Jay-Z gets off the plane from one venue to another.

Jay-Z chilling out backstage.

It was a lively night.

Janet Jackson was at Virgin yesterday to sign copies of her new album 20 Y.O. What are your predictions about Janet getting the no 1 spot on Billboard next week? It will be a historic moment when she knocks Justin Timberfake off the no1 spot next week. Lets make that happen so JT can walk away with egg on his face.
So we finally get some pictures of Rihanna without her make-up. No mascara, no lipstick, no false eyelashes, no blusher and her hair is tucked away into a Bob-Marley style beanie. Rihanna sure does look like a former shadow of herself. Is she still pretty to you or just another plain-looking light skinned chick?

I didn't believe in this so-called romance between Eddie Murphy and Spice Girl Mel B. I kept reading about it in magazines, newspapers and other blog sites but yet no pictures of them together would surface .... until now that is. So as it goes, seeing is believing and now I'm believing. The rumours of their so-called engagement sparked up the theory that due to Mel's "bankruptcy", she is only marrying Eddie Murphy just to give her daughter Phoenix Chi some financial security. After her attempts to get a Spice Girl reunion back on track had failed, what else could she have done to recoup back her Spice Girls fortune which she totally blew but to marry Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy? After all, it's been reported that Mel has been broke for the past couple of years to the point that she had to give up her 2 million pound Mansion in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England. Well, of course Murphy denied any marriage was to take place but he did say he was happy. The last high profile actor she had a relationship with was Max Beesly but he's not as high profile as Murphy so it seems Mel has hit the bees knees. Of course she may not be with him for the money. Maybe she truly does love him, but her relationships never seem to last, so I really don't know about this one. If they're still together after 18 months, there may be hope for them yet.
Here's a brand new Monica picture (left). Monica looks niiiice except ... I still hate the blonde hair. I never understand why singers like Christina Milian and Monica dye their natural black shade to blonde hoping to achieve the same mainstream success that Beyonce achieved. Beyonce is in a totally different league to those two. I am soooo happy that Ciara transitioned herself back to the black hair. She is so pretty with the darker shade. I think black women who wear blonde hair look tired. Blonde hair was made to accentuate the features of white women, and well, Beyonce looks white anyway, so it doesn't look bad on her at all. In Blender, Beyonce says she makes black music and doesn't care who likes it or not. It's a shame her image is marketed towards white men and not the image of the wholesome black female which she rocked during her Austin Powers fame. On the right, Cassie turned up at P.Diddy's listening party for his new album Press Play sporting a new shorter cut. I love it!

In the latest issue of Essence, Solange Knowles knocks the music industry that her sister is in saying she "doesn't need it" but would her words be reversial had she not failed with her Solo Star CD three years ago when she was hoping that her sister's name would pave her some success? Yes, the music industry sucks when they're not trying to hear you Solange, lol. CLICK IMAGE TO READ THE ARTICLE IN FULL.

"Hold tight and be patient on the new music, it's coming and I promise you will be thrilled. You know how I do it," said Brandy to her MySpace fans. Well, for your sake Brandy, I sure do hope so. Your music has been less-than-outstanding without the genious of Rodney DARKCHILD Jerkins. So of course I was pleased to read that she will be teaming up with him again, alongside The Neptunes, Bryce Wilson (formely of Groove Theory), and others. Let's hope that this album is a Never Say Never part 2. Brandy recently split from Atlantic Records and plans to release her album on the indepenent label Knockout Entertainment early 2007. Meanwhile, another artist which Brandy and Darkchild both worked with in the past is the legendary Michael Jackson. The troubled pop star has left his Bahrain-based record company Two Seas, canceling the album he was set to release under the label and has now formed a new firm called the Michael Jackson Company, which will take care of Jackson's business affairs as well as a new album planned for release in 2007. OK, well, let's translate this shall we? What Michael actually means is that his album will never be released because, well, admit it Michael, you're still America-phobic. Get your act together. Your die-hard fans will be very disappointed.

This is a brand new promo picture of Fantasia taken from her new upcoming album Young Girl, Old Soul. Her fantastic sophomore release is expected to drop 28th November 2006.

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