Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Why is it that whenever an extremely talented female R&B artist who has a CD coming out (and who can't get no shine) feel the need to spew their catty remarks towards another highly successful female R&B singer who just so happens to be an international superstar?

[Ghetto Rose - Keke Wyatt, download]

Every time a female R&B artist has a CD to promote or is about to drop with a new album, they feel propelled to arouse some type of petty rivalry. And even when they pull a stunt like this, the R&B singer that they put under attack always comes out on top. Well, no surprises that R&B singer Keke Wyatt's catty remarks comes at a time where she has a new single to promote (Ghetto Rose) and a new album dropping this fall. But she's unique, see, because not every female singer can say that they faced 20 years all because they stabbed their husband on Christmas day. Here's an extract from a recent interview she did with ALL HIPHOP:

AHHA: When you were in Girls Tyme, was Beyonce in the group?
KeKe: No. She wasn't there yet. If you notice, I'm yellow. My natural hair is the color she dyes her hair. I have the little waist with the big booty. It's all the same thing but I sing better, so [it was their loss]. Say I don't [sing better than Beyonce]. Proceed with the post to read my take on this.

Wow, Keke. Where do I start? I love her as an artist. And yes, she IS a much better singer than Beyonce. Chick got a set of pipes on her for days. And I loved her debut "Soul Sista". Regarding her comments, what has being "yellow" got to do with not making it, or having naturally lighter-coloured hair or a smaller waist and big booty? Even if she has all of those attributes, her not making it isn't solely Beyonce's fault. It's almost as if she has a vendetta against the girl which is sad. Some people have it and some don't. Drink mud and suck it all up. Not everybody can make it. Maybe she's one of them. I think it's sad that another female singer has to resort to negating another R&B singer just because they're bitter that they're not smelling the success of the singer they currently envy. I remember when Blu Cantrell pulled this very same stunt a couple of years ago when she got to no 1 in the UK with her track Breathe. She was saying how she is attracted to Jay-Z and that Bey reacted really badly when she caught her man chatting to her at an NY club. Jay had to pack her off home in a cab. And since then, Blu has been out for blood ever since. Then when Beyonce dropped with Baby Boy, Blu accused Beyonce of copying her all because she used Sean Paul and had the word "breathe" in the song.

Tamia is also a MUCH better singer than Beyonce as well (some of you are inclined to disagree) and is equally just as pretty and Tamia is not getting Beyonce's shine either but she has had nothing but nice things to say about Beyonce. She also toured with Beyonce back in 2005 alongside another female R&B singer, I can't remember who (but I am thinking Amerie). Anyway, you don't read about Tamia passing off bitchy remarks towards Beyonce. Her latest album "Between Friends" which dropped last year is one of the most amazing R&B albums to drop this millennium and one of the most underrated EVER! The music industry is a struggling one. Everybody has to work hard to get ahead. No one's success came overnight and this should be taken into consideration. They are both two 25-year-old talented black women doing their thang and should find it in themselves to respect one another. That said, Keke may just find herself catching a dose of Beyonceitis.


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