Monday, July 31, 2006
The Jones - Brandy
OK, so I finally get to listen to this song and I love the laidback feel. it's a nice song! Brandy is suppose to come out with a new album late fall/early 2007 and if this song is indicative of what will become her future comeback, then I'm more anticipated than ever. I hope it's not true that she has signed onto Ray-J's label. After all, how far has her little brother gone music wise?

Been Gone - Keshia Chante
This is the first single from her awaited sophomore album Kiss, which is expected to drop later this year. I like Keshia Chante. I even purchased her debut and it was very good so I'm looking forwards to her new album Kiss. I still jam to Bad Boy. That will always be my jam. This song is not as hot or pleasingly enticing as Bad Boy. It grabs you at first and then it looses its grip after a while. You start to loose interest. Still, this track has lots of major potential and I am sure it will be a fierce contender on the club scene.

Summer Love - Keshia Chante
[Download: full]
A very summery fast-paced R&B track with a contagious beat. Very nice. May even like it better than the actual single and since we're in summer now, this track is a lot more validated.

Houston Shit - Brooke Valentine
[Download: full]
I'm completely hypnotised! The beat is siiiick. However, I can't help thinking that she's trying to steal the H-Town crown from Letoya Luckett. What's the big fascination with H-Town all of a sudden? I hope when I'm ready to book a flight to the land of Chopped & Screwed, it's everything that these latest summer jams make it out to be.

Turn The Page - Bobby Valentino
[Download: full]
A very impressive Dark Child production. A hot contemporary R&B beat with sexy, seductive vocals. I am really feeling this song. His vocals are great and he sounds better than ever before. I am ready for some Bobby Valentino with his cute self. In fact, the only male vocalist I thought I was looking forwards to this year was Justin Timberfake but I can't wait for Bobby's new album having heard his other leaked track Wrecked which is also very good.

Sugar Daddy - Nina Sky
[Download: radio rip]
Oh My God, this has got to be the worst radio rip ever. The quality is so piss poor I couldn't even finish listening to it and you can just about make out the song and even if the song was in high quality, I think I would hate it regardless. This track is appalling and puts the ultimate blitz in today's R&B. Or pretence R&B. Leave it alone please. I've never liked their music and I've tried to be impartial to the fact that I don't rate them as artists. Whilst I thought their debut album was garbage, I was very impressed with their LA Connexion mixtape. Oh well, another one bites the dust.

Come to Me - Diddy feat Nicole Scherzinger
[Download: radio rip]
Hot track! Everything this chick touches turns to gold and it seems everyone is queuing to have this chick on their records, she has like become the female predator of Kanye West. Ya'll remember when everyone was going out of their way to have Kanye produce for them or feature on their song? Still, I think that's great because she is raising a high profile for herself. I cannot wait for that solo album!

Call U Out - Cassie
Everybody keeps asking me why I love off this chick so much, they're like: "She can't sing" and I say: "Cut the girl some slack, she makes up for it by putting out hot music (and Call U Out overrides the theme of hotness altogether) plus she is a cute girl, and she's only 19 so you know, there's always room for improvement". As my momma would say you can "bend the tree before they ripe".

In Love With U - Cassie
Another outstanding R&B track by Cassie, need I say more? The chick is a hot jams machine right now! She is pretty consistent. I wonder if she'll have any ballads --- no, forget it. I guess it don't matter. As I'd say to Rihanna is the same I'd say to Cassie, hot upbeat tracks suit you the most! Please don't spoil the consistency.

Ayo - Mya
[Download: full]
As already stated I'm really feeling this track. It is hot in a condescending sort of way. I hear they are actually pushing for this to be her first single off the new album Liberation, but I want to hear Lock You Down!

Deja Vu - Beyonce
Although the song is Crazy In Love part 2 which mirrors the same formula of hot beat add catchy hook add wack rap by her beau Jay-Z and you have a typical Beyonce song. I love the song but she keeps recycling the same formula over and over and people are bound to get fed up with it especially if they are not hardcore Beyonce fans. It's pretty evident that she released this track only because Jay-Z was on it just to create hype and to publicize her relationship hoping that such a gimmick will translate to sales. Now I hear they're ditching the song for Ring The Alarm because it's losing major spins.

London Bridge - Fergie
The beat is a bit weird but I guess that's what makes it a hot song, but the video was a bit of a let down. I am still a bit confused as to whether she's trying to market herself as the next Gwen Stefani or the white version of Shawnna. I mean she is rapping like Shawnna and they rap about the same thing too - giving head! The song doesn't display her vocal abilities so I hope there are a lot of songs on her album that displays her nice vocal skills because the chick can really sing.

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