Friday, March 30, 2007
Okay, okay, so after the Rihanna and Beyonce excitement last night, I guess it's back to our regular R&B resume with the latest R&B gossip. And this week, our king of R&B Usher made the exclusive declaration to MTV that it is true about the recent engagement reports! He is actually engaged to on-off girlfriend Tameka Foster, the woman who is TEN years his senior (what is it with Usher and older women?). What happens when he wants to have kids of his own and she decides she doesn't want any more because she has two already from a previous marriage? But also the fact that as a woman her age, her biological clock is starting to get a little rusty and women who choose to have kids at 40+ are putting their babies at risk of certain abnormalities. I'm just saying, because I know Usher's mama isn't taking a liking to Ms Foster right now and when a "pre-nup" starts to find its way into the discussion, it could all end in tears. But if this is for real and he makes her happy then I say go for it because life is just way too short to ponder. On that note, Usher also gave us the lowdown on his latest new album which is yet to be titled but he expects the new project to be released by November via LA Face Records, so I look forwards to his comeback.

This week, Brandy was spotted in West Hollywood where she was seen outside the Bodhi Tree bookstore:

Wow. A Brandy appearance since it was reported that she got into a fatal car accident which ended up killing somebody. She looks well, but I'm interested in her comeback and I hope she can put the accident behind her despite the lawsuit.

Yesterday, Jennifer Lopez visited MTV's "MiTRL":

Again, hottest chick in the game right now. Untouchable.

Here is Musiq Soulchild's Photo Session - 28th March 2007, which were unveiled this week and they are great photo's:

I can't stop jamming to his album Luvanmusiq. He definetely deserved the no1 spot.

But what shocked me more than anything was the latest appearance of season 1 American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson who showed off her new porky look this week:

Who ate all the pies then?

More MTV appearances this week sees Marques Houston attend the MTV Studios for Sucker Free Sunday:

Truly a sucker.

And here is the gorgeous Tia Mowry in promos for 'The Game':

Absolutely hot!

Lastly, here are two promo pictures for Rihanna's latest new album Good Girl Gone Bad and one taken from her Umbrella promotion:


I don't have any crumbs today but stay tuned and have a nice weekend!

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The consistent Beyonce video's keep coming and coming. Below is the video for Green Light:

Green Light (video) - Beyonce Knowles

I am watching these video's and they are not that great to me. Sure, she looks hot but there's nothing about them that sparks. In this post, you can either view or download ALL the following video's (I decided to add ALL the video's so ya'll can compare):

Green Light
Suga Mama
Get Me Bodied
Kitty Kat (intro)
Freekum Dress
Beautiful Liar
Upgrade U
Flaws and All
Still In Love

And don't forget that in the near future more video's will be added!

Suga Mama [DOWNLOAD] ^^^

Flaws And All^^^

Get Me Bodied^^^

Freekum Dress^^^

Kitty Kat (intro)^^^

Flaws and All^^^



Get Me Bodied Extended^^^

Beautiful Liar^^^

Still In Love (Kissing You)^^^.

Upgrade U^^^


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Finally, we get to hear Rihanna's first single "Umbrella" off her 3rd album Good Girl Gone Bad which was exclusively unveiled last night by Def jam. Here is a mediocre quality download:

"Um-ber-rella... You can stand under my Umbre lla Ella ella ella ay ay ay! It's raining". Hahaha. Sorry, I couldn't resist. This chick has a way of pronoucing words (remember "I don't want to be a murderrreerrrerr"? LMAO). Check out her pronounciation of "Umbrella". The track features Jay-Z as I've been constantly reporting. So what do I think of the track? It's catchy. That's all I can say right now. It is definetely a grower. I think it would be much hotter if it was given to someone who could actually sing well but this will no doubt be another smash hit for her. Since Jay-Z has her back on this track, it will do wonders. Rihanna's new album Good Girl Gone Bad is set to drop 5th June 2007.


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Beyonce's very vibrant video "Freekum Dress" leaked yesterday. I am not feeling the song much but the video is pretty. Mad props to my boy Etienne Evolution for uploading this!


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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Here are three un-seen pictures taken from Beyonce's B'Day photoshoot. These pictures may be used as promotion for the re-release and I have to add she's rocking the HELL out of that satin because trust, satin isn't a girl's best friend by any means:

The release date for Beyonce's re-released album B'Day is nearing and all the new tracks have leaked. Beyonce provides us with two sweet but really melodious ballads and in my opinion, musically, this was the direction that she should have contemplated from day one. Instead of re-releasing B'Day on the 3rd of April, this should have been the date that the album should have been released. I am quite positive she'd have given us a more quality and listenable album instead of a CD full of filler tracks and little creative input. But I guess, she's trying to put it right this time round with the spontaneous number of new video's and new tracks that sound a lot better than the original album put together. Oh and there's a 1 minute teaser of the Kitty Kat video floating around. Check it out.

Your banners have been pouring in left and right and I am absolutely overwhelmed at the response that my little contest has been receiving as of late. The quality of each banner is on another level and makes my ass look like an amateur when it comes to Photoshop. I don't even know which banner I'm going to use next Monday. That is how brilliant they all are. Don't forget that requested artists include Tamia, Ciara, Mariah, Amerie, Ashanti, Rihanna, Beyonce and I'm going to include Mya. But if you feel another R&B artist not listed deserves to be recognised feel free to add them in. Don't forget that cut-off date is this Sunday. And to the newbies, the banner has to be the same size as the one above with a pink or purple border. I look forwards to viewing each and every banner submitted and don't forget that next week, it could be YOU. Keep them coming!

Flaws and All - Beyonce
This track is a track all females can relate to as in the first line, she croons: "I'm a train wreck in the morning ... I'm a bitch in the afternoon", it's a track that penalises a woman for having complexities and different moods. In light of her being difficult he is there for her despite her flaws and everything else. I love the guitar rifts in this track. I am pretty pleased that she's putting more emphasis on the ballads this time round because this is the kind of Beyonce that is more emotive and emotive Beyonce I like to hear.

Still In Love (Kissing You) - Beyonce
This is no doubt Dangerously In Love part two and you would recognise because it's a remake from Romeo and Juliet. Beyonce sings her heart out beautifully and pours out her feelings in the most expressive way. Pretty heart-felt and Bee definetely put her own spin on the record. A very pretty song indeed and vocally depicts Beyonce as one of the most talented in her generation. HOWEVER, Jennifer Hudson and Christina Aguilera has that on lockdown right now.

Welcome to Hollywood - Beyonce
Some folks claim they're not really impressed with Beyonce's latest offering for her re-released album especially since this is a track that originally belonged to Jay-Z from his latest album. I thought the song was so-so and I still feel that way. The vocals are slightly different and a bit more has been added to the track. Apart from that, it's okay.

R&B Girl - Amerie
Amerie tracks are leaking left and right. Here's another one for the Amerie fans. Though she's been on the ride of wackness lately, she sounds so much better when her vocals are controlled as opposed to her singing out of her range or just well, yelling. But um, she needs work on those addlibs. I'm more anxious to hear her new album since she has no longer endorsed Rich Harrison to project some of his genius on her latest upcoming CD and to tell you the truth I am very afraid.

It's Me Snitches - Trey Songz
This is yet another track from his upcoming album "Trey Day" (or at least I hope not). This track is pretty annoying and had me wanting to reach out for the ear plugs. I am disappointed considering that his debut album was very good, an album that I thoroughly enjoyed. In this track, he tries his hand at rapping and a pathetic attempt to give us something to "dance to" but I can't really see myself grooving to this anytime soon.

The gorgeous Christina Milian attended the Oakley Women's Eyewear Launch Party:

Actress Meagon Good was also at the event. As much as we adore Christina, Joss Stone certainly didn't take a liking to the beautiful Dip It Low singer. When Soul/R&B singer Joss Stone was interviewed in the latest issue of Giant magazine, she had harsh words to say about Christina:

While Stone had some harsh criticism for today’s crop of R&B singers, her most scathing words were saved specifically for singer-actress Christina Milian, who just so happens to be the ex-girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend, Beau Dozier. Stone describes most singers today as “just highly paid strippers.” When told she may have just insulted a large swath of singers, she cocked her head to the side, flashed an innocent smile and said, “What? It’s not like I’m not telling the truth.” When Christina Milian’s name came up in conversation, Stone, according to writer Aliya S. King, “doesn’t bother to hide her disdain for the woman who Dozier, now Stone’s ex-boyfriend, once dated.” Stone told King: "I could tell you some stories about her... ," then launched into a “profanity-laced tirade against the pop star.” King writes: “After I point to my tape recorder, reminding her that she's on record, Stone doesn't quit. Instead, she continues to go off on Milian and, even worse, Milian's mother. ‘I’m just honest,’ Stone concludes with a shrug.
"Christina has never met Joss," Milan’s publicist responds. "She can’t imagine what this is all about."

Wow. Not even I have a bad word to say about Christina, and I usually get in everybody's ass. She seems to be one of the sweetest people in the industry. She has a very likable personaliy, she is beautiful, she is not stuck up at all. Hell, it is hard not to like someone like Christina. Joss should be really happy because her new album Introducing Joss Stone debuted at No. 2 this week on the Billboard 200 album chart. She just seems really bitter. In other Christina news, she occasionally posts messages on her official forum and she gave us a little insight on the recording of her new upcoming album. She has recorded a new joint with Latin singer/songwriter Frankie J called "That One", and it’s produced by newcomer Benjamin Franklin, who did another joint on the album called "Stay Cool". Rapper Rick Ross is also set to make an appearance on a track called "Blissville". Other producers that are expected on Milian's upcoming new set include The Matrix (Shakira, Britney Spears), Johnathan “J.R.” Rotem (Paris Hilton, Rihanna), Cool & Dre (Mary J. Blige, Kelis) and Nate “Danja” Hills (Nelly Furtado, Natasha Bedingfield). [SOURCE]

Christina Milian's ex Nick Cannon paraded new love Selita Ebanks at his Wild 'N Out Season 4 Kick Off Party:

Has he turned into a professional DJ now? He is always caught behind a turntable these days.

A couple of days ago, a host of R&B celebrities attended BET's Spring Bling ranging from Marques Houston, Lloyd, former B2K member Lil Fizz, Bobby Valentino, Cherish, Omarion, Akon and Ne-yo. Check out the action:

Wow. One of the Cherish sisters is pregnant. First Cassie's alleged pregnancy and now this chick. Must be something in the air.

Jennifer Hudson and her entourage was spotted at Lax airport this week and Jen was rocking a brown hoodie and pants to match:


Why is this chick so obsessed with "brown"? Am I the only one noticing this? 90% of her outfits are always brown.

Fergie attended P.Diddy's party this week:

Meh. She's had better days.

Anyway, as I'm a Harry Potter fan and I've read all the books so far, J.K Rowling as unveiled the FINAL Harry Potter book cover this week:

My little sister has also been begging me to pre-order this but little does she know that I plan to pre-order this for my damn self.

R&B Crumbs:

Here is Joe's new album cover for his upcoming joint Aint Nothing Like Me. His new album is expected to drop 24th April and on the new joint he has worked with Sean Garett, Johnta Austin, Jermaine Dupri, Tim and Bob and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis amongst others so be sure to check it out!

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