Wednesday, January 31, 2007
It's a slow news day today but things are getting worse for Brandy as the family of the woman who died in the crash is now suing the R&B songstress for 50 million dollars.
TMZ obtained the lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Lawyers for the family of the deceased claim, "Defendant Brandy Norwood was driving recklessly in the freeway when her car collided with Awatif Aboudihaj's car." Here is the lawsuit which has been filed below. To get a clear view, just click on the image:

In a way, I kind of expected this. I saw this coming. Is this the end of Brandy? Can she be able to recover from such a tragic blow? Will she be able to cope with jail time AND having to fork out 50 million? We will soon find out. But I think her career is as good as over and just like her idol Whitney Houston, she will face finanacial ruin and be a crack whore (word has it that she is already on the white stuff). Still, life can't be that bad. She can always work for marketing and sales as a living by promoting dodgy lace-front wigs for *cough* receding hairlines.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
"This junk in the trunk'll put a bump in your pants," Brooke Valentine quips in "Taste of Dis." Will we be getting a taste of this real soon with yet more sexy prowness from Ms V herself? Well according to this, it's likely. These outtakes are just a couple promo pictures from her new album Physical Education (and judging by these a physical education is what we are seeing, hurrah). The album has been pushed back soooo many times as of late especially since her hot track "Dope Girl" failed to make noise last year. The beat was infectiously ominous and had the hotness to bring boom to the dance floor like Cassie's Me & U, so why it failed to impact has always left me bamboozled.

Wicked shoot but as to why Brooke is always left out in the cold, I think Brooke's problem is that she is just an overrall boring artist. Sure, she's attractive, she puts out hot music but what is it exactly that makes her stand out as an artist. You look at her video's and think, okay, that was really not exciting. Let's hope she brings the heat this year. Anyway, check out the others:

Sorry about not having the pictures in HQ but this is one of the best shoots I have seen in a while.

Last month, Mya did a photoshoot for XXL's Hip Hop & Soul magazine and here are the scans in their full-on glory (big up to Mya for posting these). I already posted the Ciara and Usher pictures just before christmas. Mya's album Liberation is set to be released on 8th May 2006, which is also when ANOTHER R&B singer releases their album too. Mya will be releasing her album on the same day as Mario Barrett. His album GO! is also expected to be released on that day too. She also has a guest spot on Marques Houston's new album Veteran called HOLDING BACK. Check out the sexiness:


She looks great, but again we have seen so many photoshoots to last us a life time. Mya will shoot the video for first single Lock U Down next month. The song is pretty hot and I can not wait to see Mya strut out those sexy moves therefore giving Ciara some comepetition in the dance department. Now if you were to ask me who the better dancer was, I would have to say Mya, because she can freestyle whereas Ciara is like, very choreographed.

Another set of scans of another R&B songstress is Kelis who graces the front cover of Trace magazine ( and she looks great! I am hoping she really has reverted back to the black hair and got rid of the deathly blonde, unless these are old pictures:

But regardless of when the pictures were taken, this is a really great photoshoot. You work it girl. Meanwhile, somebody is in serious trouble. REAL serious trouble. And it's time to face the music.....

The California Highway Patrol seems like they are not playing concerning this car crash involving R&B songstress Brandy. Apparently, they are continuing their investigation into the Dec. 30 crash involving the singer – and is recommending that she be charged with a misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence, according to CHP spokesman Leland Tang. The CHP made its recommendation to the Los Angeles City Attorney's office Monday morning. If charged and convicted, the 28-year-old former Moesha star, whose full name is Jennifer Brandy Norwood, could face up to one year in county jail. "We know that Brandy's at fault for the chain reaction of the collision," Tang tells PEOPLE. Tang adds that the investigation found there were no indicators that Brandy was distracted at the moment she rear-ended the 2005 Toyota being driven by Awatef Aboudihaj, who died the evening after the crash at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. The L.A. City Attorney will review the case and decide whether to officially file the charge against her. Brandy's rep had no comment. Here are fatal pictures of the crash:

So this is mad serious. My only query is why are we just suddenly hearing about the crash when it happened almost a month ago? I cannot believe they didn't charge her straight away. If it were any of us ordinary folk, we'd have been arrested and tried immedietely. There would be no delays or hesitations. Some people get into trouble for parking their car on the yellow lines. Some people are charged for driving without a license and speeding even if no one was injured or died, but Brandy actually KILLS someone and they have not charged her. And even IF she is charged and ends up doing a year in jail, that sentence will be shortened to six months. A VERY light punishment for someone who has caused somebody else to die. So I guess we can pretty much say goodbye to her comeback this year. Yeah, nice one Brandy. Seems like being a rivalry of Monica has DIRE consequences. What, what was the name of that R&B singer who died in a plane crash 6 years ago? Sorry to sound a lil salty. I missed Prison Break last night. Fuuuuck.
In other Norwood news, according to UK's Metro, Brandy's younger brother Ray-J has shacked up with Whitney Houston and they are now reportedly living together. Ooooh my! Watch this space for upcoming scoops.
Stay tuned!

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Last night, Letoya Luckett and Latavia Roberson appeared in an E! Special where they spoke of their shattered dreams the very day that they found out they were kicked out of multi-platinum selling group Destiny's Child. The clip sees new interviews with Letoya and Latavia themselves along with Farrah Franklin:

Letoya also talks about her solo success and how she felt about getting the no1 album last year. It seems like we'd seen and read this interview a million times over but without the input of the other girls (Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle) and despite Letoya LYING on Wendy a year ago about NOT getting her nose done, the older pictures are VERY evident. Hell, even her brother Gavin has her old podgy nose. Farrah is really pretty but she comes across as real hoochie and I do NOT think she will cut it as a solo singer. I feel the same way about Latavia (I like her but having listened to that 22-track Anjel demo it is VERY evident the chick cannot sing) BUT if I ever did find myself rooting for her it would simply be because of the way her and Letoya were treated in the past.

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Monday, January 29, 2007
Rihanna supported The Pussy Cat Dolls on their sold-out London concert at Wembly Arena and looked absolutely sensational. Rihanna's next single will be Break It Off with Sean Paul, a track she featured on for Sean Paul's latest album The Trinity. Check out all her sexiness right here when she performed in London over the weekend:

Seems like the chick had some training in knowing how to do a stripper routine on-stage. The girl who likes to keep those legs open at every opportunity was back to her sexy stage antics as usual. She sure does loves to flaunt off that pancake ass though.

Atlantic Records has been home to the most innovative, compelling, and enduring artists in soul and R&B. It has also breeded talent in the likes of Brandy who is no longer with the label as well as super talented Craig David (who is STILL signed with the label) and as some of you would know, this is the label Musiq signed to recently. The multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter will release his eagerly anticipated label debut, "LUVANMUSIQ," on March 13th (his debut with the label that is) and here, he shoots the video for his first single Buddy off the new album:

The new album is said to continue developing his own unique sound, a distinctly modern melding of '70s soul, classic funk grooves, and hip-hop swagger. The album's first single, "Buddy," has already exploded at radio outlets nationwide, with the companion video slated to premiere in mid-February. I can't wait! I love Musiq's music and have all of his albums.
What a month it has been for Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer who is the stand-out in the immensely riveting Dreamgirls earned the best-supporting actor honors at the Screen Actors Guild Awards Sunday evening. Who'd have thought an American Idol contestant would get so far?

Now if she wins an Oscar, that will be the icing on the cake. But where was Beyonce hmmm?
R&B Crumbs

R&B singer Trey Songz will release his sophomore album"Trey Day" in May. The first single is called Wonder Woman (produced by Danjahandz) which you can [DOWNLOAD HERE]. The song was written and produced by Danjahandz, R. Kelly, Dre & Vidal, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Brian Michael-Cox, Troy Taylor, Bei Major and many more. Check it out! I am actually feeling this. It's different from his previous stuff (which I thoroughly enjoyed). This track is an actual grower.
Stay tuned for more R&B Crumbs.

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Mariah Carey is featured in the March 2007 edition of Playboy but to all you disappointed hot-bloodied males, there will be no nude shoots. Again, it's no shocker that the picture is heavily airbrushed. Wouldn't it just be great if you could just airbrush everything in life? You meet a cute guy with fucked up teeth. You wake up one morning to find blotches covered all over your face. You start your period unexpectedly and discover in horror that you've left a red trail behind. But you wouldn't need to worry because you can airbrush it all away.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007
Aliens (or should that be camels) truly must be taking over the planet when Jay-Z has been voted one of the hottest black hunks in entertainment. Ten thousand women with an average age of 28 voted in the poll for New Woman magazine. It wasn't a BLACK poll, it was a general poll because the usual suspects such as Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Johnny Depp all made the poll, but these were the black names that made the top 100 Sexiest Man In The World poll - Will Smith, Ashley Cole (British footballer), Jamie Foxx, Wentworth Miller, Lemar (British R&B/Soul singer) and Jay-Z. Now looking at Jay-Z, a hunk I do not see. In fact, the only two people who deserve to be on that list is Will Smith, Ashley Cole and Wentworth Miller. Haha! I know I done opened a can of worms on that one. Haha! I guess some of you British women are seeing the very qualities that attracted Beyonce to the jiggaman but the only thing I find appealing about Jay-Z is his bank balance. Well, take a good look at your hottest black men in entertainment. Agree? Or disagree?

But then again, this is the very same poll that has given an entry to Chancellor Gordon Brown and the immensely geeky Sacha Baron Cohen. I think a bunch of old Grannies did a lot of the voting OR someone was being VERY sarcastic with their votes. Jay-Z will be thrilled that Ms Beyonce isn’t the only woman to find him sexually appealing. As a celebration, maybe he will decrease some of that fatty tissue from his vaginal-looking lips to inject some into Beyonce's lack of a booty.

And as we are on the the topic of Beyonce, she started off the Disney Park's Year of a Million Dreams celebration by by taking a wild spin in a whirling, giant teacup and portraying Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz shot this scene from her farm in upstate New York. "It was Annie's idea for me to play Alice" says Beyonce. "If she wanted me to do it, I was up for it, because she's such a genius… [Cinderalla] it is my sister's (Solange Knowles) absolute favorite! She doesn't know I've done it yet, so she's going to get a real trip out of seeing me in the teacup. It was freezing cold in the teacup, but it didn't matter because we were all so excited and it was shot really fast".

David Beckham and Scarlett Johansson were also tapped to portray other fabled Disney characters. David Beckham takes on the role of gallant Prince Phillip from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Scarlett Johansson plays Cinderella.
Beyonce as Alice? That's like Al bloody Sharpton bleaching his skin white and asking to be a member of the KKK. We are so use to seeing a pale skinned blonde-haired blue-eyed Alice that its no longer theatrical for any one else to play that role. It takes away from the fairytale reality of what Alice's character is all about. Meh! Beyonce also did a really nice photoshoot with with Alexei Hay recently:

Marques Houston and Fantasia stopped by at 106 & Park this week. Fanny looked mad dodgy in a hideous all-in-one purple outfit:

Some things never change huh?
Meanwhile, my girl Alicia celebratrated her 26th birthday party this week and I actually heard it was quite a blast but once more pictures resurface I'll definetely put them up:

Fun times. Happy B'Day Alicia!

Justin Gaurini was at the Hollywood Prom 2007 this week which was presented by Hollywood Covered Magazine & Hosted by Niki Shardow:

I told you guys that the funky straight-do I posted on here a couple of months ago was a wig. Good to see he is back with the natural looking 'fro.

Yesterday, British R&B singer Jamelia launched the Rougeberry Eau De Toilette fragrance:

So okay, I cannot stand the woman but she looked mad cute.

Lastly, Will Smith was seen a couple of times this week on the set of his new sci-fi movie I Am A Legend, and he brought along daughter Willow for the ride:

The movie is the same concept and storyline as Men In Black which sees him saving the world from *cough* aliens ... I thought his latest movie The Pursuit of Happyness was such a nice change from the same ole same ole. I guess, he is a sci-fi man.

R&B Crumbs:

1. Mel B isn't the ONLY former Spice Girl to be up the duff, but Baby Spice Emma Bunton is giving up her namesake for a REAL-LIFE baby of her own. She is expecting her first child which is due in the summer. The baby is for cutie Jade Jones (seen above) who use to be in R&B group Damage. The two have been dating for the past 8 years. Massive congrats to them both!
I also want to warn FELLOW bloggers about putting up unauthorized mp3's. The record labels are coming down HARD on MANY sites. Beauty emailed me to say that she has received emails from record labels' lawyers who gave her a list of record labels that would take legal actions against her. Also they contacted to get her info and now her site is now connected to a porn site, so I just wanted to warn ya'll about the mp3's. If you all want to share music it's advisable that you do so through email or by another means which is what I may consider doing in the future but I will still continue on with the music reviews. I will just need to see how things pan out, but you can't say I didn't warn ya'll.

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