Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Last night, Usher unveiled his new fragrance for men and women called "Usher for Men" and "Usher for Women", at a star studded party at Cipriani's in Manhattan, New York. Guests included rappers Ludacris, Nelly and Jermaine Dupri. And then the queen herself Beyonce as well as Usher's mama Jonetta who was on hand to give her son support. Here are some pictures of Bey at the launch:

Looking regular. Burgundy is a good colour for her, although I wasn't feeling her dress. Hair is over the top but I am glad she went back to the dark brown. She was looking a little too Cassie-ish with the jet black. Shoes matched and looked cute but the dress was looking a little too prom-like.

Make-up was okay and not over the top. She's had better days. Also, word has it that Beyonce tried out for Jennifer Hudson's role in Sex and The City and was going to be cast, but her management kept insisting that she only wear Dereon stuff, so in the end, they went out and started looking for new people to play the role.

Supposedly, the announcement of Jennifer Hudson in that role shocked a lot of people. This actually comes from Alfredas on the Russ Parr Morning Show this morning. If this is true, I really hope she's not this dumb and stupid. Do you know how many black actresses in Hollywood would kill for that role? The movie is going to be a monstrosity.

Invasion of the mutant ninja turtle. Every time I look at Usher, I always think he's going to make the transformation. He looks like he is in the very middle of the morphing process. All that needs to happen is for his skin to turn pea-green. Jokes aside though, I am very pleased that Usher made up with his mama despite mama J not attending his wedding recently. Jonetta has made it no secret that she can't stand Maneka's guts and her ass knew better to stay her trans-gendered (and pregnant) ass at home too.


Maneka DID attend the launch. However, you aren't going to see Jonetta and Maneka in a photo op together. Not happening. Anyway, they decided to use the event to make the annoucement that they're having a baby boy.

Beyonce stays rocking her dark Rapunzel-inspired weave. And we FINALLY got some news on that highly anticipated Usher album. Read on ....

So, about Usher's album. What's going on with it? He says it's coming but doesn't know when. There's no tentative release date or a title as of yet. Jermaine Dupri, Dre & Vidal, Jay-Z and Robin Thicke are confirmed contributors to the new set and other possible collaborators include Cool & Dre and T-Pain. You can read more by CLICKING HERE. But what threw me is this quote right here: "A lot of what I plan to offer with this album is kinda standing in this spot. The king's back. I ain't gonna say 'back,' I never left".

May someone remind him that Chris Brown is kicking his ass in the footwork department (and he is cute very easy on the eye I must add). Also, you can't touch Craig David in the vocal department either. Sit yo cocky ass DOWN! A king is the front runner in EVERYTHING. OK? Just because you sold a million in the first week which lead to you going diamond in the United States doesn't mean your heir to the throne.

In 10 years, you'll probably be making a pigeon fool of yourself in a drunken stupor, pointing and yelling at Chris about how he "jacked" your moves like what Bobby Brown reportedly did to you a few years ago at your b'day party and remember it was Whitney who bellowed that "Bobby is the KANG of R&B". But I won't put her at fault because I believe she was under the terrible influence of crack at the time. And look at Bobby Brown now. How the mighty have fallen. And no one is exempt from it.

You've lost soooo many fans with your misconduct of the media and fans alike, you're not even guaranteed to enjoy those type of sales again. Personally, I feel that Confessions is to Usher what Thriller was to Michael Jackson. He couldn't repeat it and the same will apply with Usher. Whilst I think he'll do extremely well with the next album, there's no way he'll sell a million again in the first week. If I'm wrong, I won't blog ever again. Remember those words next summer.

X Factor winner Leona Lewis previewed a couple of new tracks off her upcoming album (to be released 5th November) at the five-star Mandarin Oriental hotel in Knightsbridge, London yesterday. Here is a picture of Leona performing during the ceremony:

She was backed by a choir and sang two uptempo's including a ballad called "Homeless", a cover of "The First Time I Saw Your Face", a track called "Whatever It Takes" (a track that she co-wrote) as well as current lead single "Bleeding Love". I can't wait to hear the new material. Hottie Shane Ward who won the X Factor in 2005 is on course to get to no 1 on Sunday with lead singles No U Hang Up/If That's OK With You.

Jennifer Hudson was spotted on the 'Sex in the City' set today in midtown Manhattan. And she looked far from fab but more like hideous drab. As I previously reported, Jen will be playing Carrie Bradshaw's assistant (Louise):

Her wardrobe is atrocious. It appears her character may be style-driven and most directors aren't savvy to women of Jen's build having a relationship with the world of fashionista. I'm sure many of you are wondering about the boots. Don't ask because I don't have the answers *lol* But anyway, the wig was bad enough for me, but stooooop ..... NOW! Stirrups? WTF. Bwahahahaha! I haven't seen those shits since I was in 5th grade. My auntie use to wear them all the time. I didn't even know they still made them. Fashion crime of the century. The movie hits theaters in May 2008.

Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony were in the Bronx this week to announce their joint En Concierto kickoff tour which will take place at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, October 7th:

Jen is CLEARLY pregnant. The evidence right here is UNDENIABLE and yet they stay denying it. Look at her nose. Damn. She is looking a little Miss Piggy-ish in the face. Her nose is spreading. LOL! First of all, her pregnancy became very apparent at her Just Sweet fashion show a few weeks ago. Over the past couple of days, her clothes have been looking rather mumsy (maternal) when Jen is well known to rock skin tight attire to show off her curvy but toned body. Her Parkinson performance where she couldn't even dance said it all as well as the loose dress, and now her face is showing blatant signs of pregnancy. It's only a matter of time before we get the official announcement.

Keyshia Cole plugs her new CD Just Like You on 106:

Remember to pick it up!

Cheetah Girl/3LW singer Adrienne Bailon and rapper Eve attended the grand opening of Intermix yesterday in Los Angeles, California:

Girl power. No idea who the unidentified guest is though.

Joss Stone was sporting a brand new cut when she attended a UNCF event which presented an evening of stars tribute to Motown legend Smokey Robinson:

No matter what look she transpires to, she will not look as good as she did when she was once a cute blonde. Stay tuned.

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