Thursday, September 20, 2007
The new Jagged Edge album Baby Makin' Project leaked yesterday so I'm currently listening to that and will post my album review later today. Save your comments for the review post. My Jill Scott album review should be up before the end of the week, possibly tomorrow. Well, let's proceed. Beyonce continued to show off her natural hair colour yesterday when she attended the frangrance launch party for "Unforgivable Woman", the new scent from Sean John at The House of Unforgivable in New York City on Wednesday, September 19th:

Her morgue make-up job is absolutely outrageous. I want to know who did her make-up. It's not like she's performing. I don't mean to keep nitpicking but if something looks out of place I am going to say something about it. And you can still see the cut when she bust her ass down those stairs at her Orlando concert a couple months ago. Apart from the poor make-up job, she looked cute. More flicks from Diddy's launch after the cut.

Diddy's BadBoy artists B5 were also at the launch: was 3LW/Cheetah Girl singer Adrienne Bailon, Beyonce (as already mentioned), Diddy himself and Soul legend Aretha Franklin. As Adrienne and Aretha are mentioned, here are more plugs. Adrienne's group Cheetah Girls are coming out with a new album, you can download snippets of their upcoming album by CLICKING HERE. Oh I don't give a shit about this but you know I'm all for the people. And you can also listen/download Aretha's new single by CLICKING HERE. The track is called Put You Up On Game and it features American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino. Cracking stuff. And as Beyonce is mentioned, I got another Beyonce plug.

Beyonce and her mama continue to get savvy with their HOD range in what you'd call a NEW CLASS RING. A What?

The Dereon class ring starts at $449.95 and is available in 10, 14, and 18 karat yellow and white gold. Well um, unless I want to take my twenty-something year old self to reminisce my high school days where we were given oppotunities to design our own birthday cakes in food technology, bracelets, cups and T-Shirts in textiles and art, I think I'll give this one a miss. What next? Design your own freekum dress? But it doesn't stop there either.

Meet Baby Dereon:

I get the feeling you wouldn't need to trade Adams for this. They have a new line for babies called Dereon Baby so if you want that bootylicious kid, then you may want to check out this line which will be hitting stores really soon.

On 18th September, Usher and wifey attended the "Dream Concert" in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr in the Big Apple:

What else is there to say?

Teedra, Teedra, Teedra. Will you please hurry up and put out that album? There aren't many REAL artists out there and you're one of the few we can count on. Seriously. Anyway, Teedra performed at the Heineken Red Star Soul Tour Concert Series at Opera Nightclub in Atlanta, GA on September 18th:

I love her shape. Thick legs. Small waist. That's the way. But pleeeease put out the album. The Young Lioness is long overdue.

Joss Stone was spotted leaving Radio City Music Hall on the 18th September:

She signed autographs for the fans before making her way. You can also check out THIS new Joss track called L.O.V.E and it will be used for a TV commercial plugging some Chanel perfume which goes by the name of "Coco Mademoiselle".

Stay tuned.

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