Wednesday, December 19, 2007
The 16-year-old sister of Britney Spears has officially announced that she is pregant to OK! magazine, WTF? Jamie Lynn is expecting her first child with 19-year-old boyfriend Casey Aldridge. Apparently, they went to high school together:

I am at a lost for words. It's clear that this family has some serious issues. If I were Lynne Spears I'd be re-evaluating EVERYTHING I did wrong as a mother. It's been very apparent that Lynne was nothing more than a stage mother. Why did Lynne give Jamie the go ahead to make the official announcement to OK! magazine so damn early? Stuff like this is supposed to be a personal family matter, not for the whole world to know. They went to OK! BEFORE they told Britney the news. That's fucked up. Talk about a bunch of attention-seeking whores. When Britney became a sud
den trainwreck and they had their massive falling out, Lynne moved on to Jamie. It's a shame because I am also reading that Jamie was LIVING with her boyfriend. What parent allows their 16-year-old daughter to shack up with their boyfriend? And the ironic thing about it is that Lynne has a book on parenting skills. I am the same exact age as Britney and I have a kid sister who's 15, and I'm very protective of her. She's already talking about leaving home so that she can do her own thing. My mama hit the roof. She should be concentrating on her future. Jamie can now kiss goodbye to those Disney cheques. She had her cute lil show Zoey 101 but now she went and messed that up. Zoey 101 IS however scheduled to conclude its third season Jan. 4 with a cliffhanger episode in which Jamie's character must decide whether to leave her fictional Pacific Coast Academy boarding school in California to join her parents in London. The show is scheduled to resume in February, and its producer, Dan Schneider, has said filming on the fourth season has already been completed. After that though it's a wrap. I never expected Jamie to be as big as Britney but I always thought she was the sensible one. It appears that Jamie has caught the Solange Knowles syndrome - getting pregant at 16 and 17 all because big sister got all the attention. However, at least she knows her mistake: "I definitely don't think it's something you should do; it's better to wait," she says. "But I can't be judgmental because it's a position I put myself in".

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