Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Ever since his pedophilia activities came to light, I've always hated R. Kelly like abominable sin and well, I didn't think it was possible to hate someone more than you already do. Dude was acting like a straight bitch who bleeds once a month behind the scenes of his Double Up tour. It was bad enough that Keyshia Cole was acting like a straight diva but that girl always has issues so what's new? Anyway, Ne-yo was on the radio today and caught himself apologising to the fans in DC that bought tickets. He revealed the sole reason for his dismissal had more to do with R. Kelly acting all prissy throughout the tour.

Apparently, the first venue had 7 dressing rooms, and R. Kelly took them all and told Ne-yo and his people that they had to get dressed on the bus. And the shock doesn't stop there either. R. Kelly's camp told him that the hallway was out of boundary whilst he was present as well as other backstage drama that R. Kelly purposely did to make things difficult for Ne-yo and his employees. The subject of Keyshia Cole was then raised where there had been 2 rumors popping off; the first one was that Keyshia was mad because the venue told her she couldn't use all the props that she brought to the tour. The other one was that she was pissed about the line-up.

As word got back to camp that Keyshia wouldn't be performing, he proceeded with his set up so the show would continue. But backstage, Keyshia was fuming. She had a change of heart and wanted to perform. He ignored it and went ahead and performed since all his people were on stage and everything was set up already. I think it was good of him not to trash R. Kelly. All he would say is that he has nothing against R. Kelly's talent and even went as far as calling him a musical genius. But he didn't falter in revealing that R. Kelly treated him like shit. Maybe R. Pissy felt threatened because Ne-yo was getting all the good reviews whilst R. Kelly's performances didn't receive the same positive feedback and he was the headliner. There'll be less hallways to get all cantankerous about once he's convicted and jailed for his sick crimes. Meanwhile, check out my weekend coverage of the tour.

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