Tuesday, September 25, 2007
You saw Alicia's video "No One" premiere last night and she appeared on 106 & Park to plug it. Alicia, who looked absolutely gorgeous and was rocking brand new sleek extensions, cream skinny jeans and a very trendy green top glowed with excitement as she talked with the hosts about her upcoming project:

That would be her enthusiasm for the highly anticipated As I Am album which Alicia is set to release 13th November. Undeterred by the prospect that she'll be competing with huge sellers such as Britney Spears and Celine Dion, Alicia remained positive throughout. I have to add that her top was absolutely hot, but as she's a voluptuous young woman, she should try and stray away from the skinny jeans or rock them in black at least. Apart from that she looked smokin' ace. I see she didn't forget to apply on the pro-active or maybe it was a shitload of make-up. Who cares anyway? Alicia's game is currently on point proving to her peers that she's one to contend with.

Another R&B songstress who appeared on 106 yesterday was Keyshia Cole. Now Keyshia's album Just Like You officially drops today and she was on the show to promote it and to remind everyone to pick it up after you finish your day job.

I know a lot of folks read my blog from the work place. So even if you're feeling hungry and want to stop by Maccies for a bite to eat, go get this. The album is simply worth putting your dinner on hold. Or at least a fatty Big Mac anyway. Looking like a more hood Mary J Blige, Keyshia is in it for the long haul and it is not at all fazed at the Mary comparisons despite the direction of her music (and image) reminding us of how Mary use to be back in the day.

Bajan queen Rihanna was spotted at the Tribe Hyper Club last night in Montreal:

Akon was nearby. At the club, she performed tracks such as Let Me, Breakin' Dishes, Rehab, Don't Stop The Music, Shut Up And Drive, Umbrella and Bob Marley's rendition of Is This Love. You can read what went down at the nightclub last night by CLICKING HERE. The two have become close since they are currently touring together, and have taken their business relationship to socialite territory, as to why anyone would want to hang out with Akon searches me. I find him to be crude, aggressive, vindictive, disgusting and fake. Not the best person to hang out with but then she's a good girl gone bad, go figure. Anyway, Rih-Rih sure is raking up the gongs. She has been nominated for three awards at November's MTV Europe music awards. She has also been rehearsing for the show. The Umbrella star is up for the ultimate urban, most addictive track and solo artist of 2007. The show is being held in Germany.

Mel B danced away on the set of Dancing With The Stars with her hubby Stephen Belafonte. She rocked her trademark leopard skin which was prevalent in her dress, and she was rearing to go:

I posted the performance HERE where she won over the judges putting herself in joint-second place. Will she continue to remain consistent? We will soon see. Things can go crashing down around your ears when you least expect it, but it's good to see Mel having some light hearted fun despite everything that's happened over the last couple of months. And on that note, stay tuned.

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