Saturday, September 15, 2007
Multi platinum artist & R&B singer Keyshia Cole had a really nice leak today. Her new album Just Like You (25th September) hit the Internet earlier. I am not even surprised that this is such a great album. I was kind of expecting it but just wasn't certain. Her debut The Way It Is was pure heat and I didn't think she was able to equalise that standard or do any better. Just Like You cements Keyshia's place in today's competitive music industry therefore proving that she doesn't need to channel herself after Mary J Blige or any other old-time veteran. Some of the music IS replicative of vintage Mary but Keyshia also has her own stamp on some of her music which is also very important. Keyshia practically DESERVES her place in this industry and she has proven she has what it takes to sustain longevity. Her current single "Let It Go" ft. Missy Elliott & Lil Kim is a current smash hitting the top spots. The album is such a phenomenal effort I don't even know where to begin.

Vocally, she has improved but there's still room for more.
And she is singing her heart out on the slower numbers. When reaching the climax, her vocals need more control with a steady composure.The beats are very infectious. You feel the raw emotion deep down as she stresses about doomed relationships and picking her heart back up. The album is saturated with lots of beautifully written ballads with gorgeous melodies but it suits her, and it was nice to see the attitude was put aside for a bit (though it hasn't completely gone but she's more tame with it).

Just Like You is absolutely outstanding from beginning to end, possibly the best R&B album to come from a female R&B artist this year. But you know I got my standouts as well and MY standout tracks would have to be "I Remember", "Give Me More" "Heaven Sent", "Fallin Out", "Got To Get My Heart Back', "Was It Worth It", "Shoulda Let You Go", "Just Like You", and "Work It Out". Is this album worth paying for? HELL MOTHAFUCKIN' YEAH. And make that two copies when you get to the store, one for the car, one for house, oh and make that three - one for a gift. Keyshia certainly hasn't disappointed in that aspect. Just Like You drops 25th September.

Rating: 5/5.

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