Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Say whuuutt?!?! Is that really Beyonce with the black hair? At first glance I thought it was Cassie, but once you click on the pictures you see it's actually Beyonce, an ETHNIC looking Beyonce. Seems like she's channeling herself after her younger sister Solange and again, no atrocious lace font. Bee definitely stepped up her head game when she attended the GQ Magazine 50th Anniversary party up in NYC last night:

.... and the gorgeous Cassie was there too as well, speaking of. I love how her hair is pushed back like that. It really makes her features stand out. I am just really surprised that her fella Ryan wasn't by her side. They go like, EVERYWHERE together. And I know he's hooking her up with some tight ass music come February. However, one person who attended the party was Cassie's mentor Diddy as well as Beyonce's fella Jay-Z and Kanye West who all celebrated and drank champaign to toast Kanye's victory against 50 Cent in the album sales. Kanye's new album "Graduation" sold a staggering 950K+ whilst 50's album "Curtis" trailed behind at nearly 700K but not quite. Talk about one horse race. 50 is soooo pissed he has cancelled all of his UK promotion AND tour. Ha! But back to Cassie, her new CD is going to be pure hawtness. And as we're on Cassie and album sales, isn't it a travesty that B5 only sold 19,329 COPIES of their new album Don't Talk Just Listen? That is a travesty. It really is a solid effort and they got little to zero promotion. Diddy deserves to be shot in the knee caps for that alone. More Cassie and Beyonce plugs after the cut.

Madame Tussaud is making a wax head of Beyonce and as you can see, it is still unfinished. Apparently, the figures (along with a bunch of other wax figures of celebs) are going to be on display in Washington, DC in October. Here's Beyonce's:

It's definitely sculptured from Beyonce's "Work It Out, Austin Powers" era and it looks terrible especially the Amsterdam wax head where she look like a man in drag. JUST PLAIN OOOGLAY! However, the weave on the one above looks more real than the actual wax itself.

And Cassie is one of the models for Diddy's Sean Jean women's clothing line as I keep reporting. Well, here is the official preview of Cassie, Asia Nitollano and Lauren London modelling the line:


Ashanti donated memorabilia from "Resident Evil: Extinction" to Planet Hollywood in Times Square yesterday:

Ashanti looked really hot where she had lots of fun promoting the movie which opens everywhere this Friday. She's got some really nice legs. Ashanti's album The Declaration drops 4th December and her new single Hey Baby (After The Club) will be available for official download next week Monday.

Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton attended the Maxim Style Awards Presented by Casio at the Avalon on September 18, 2007 in Hollywood, California:

.... where she chilled out with cornballs Nick Cannon and rapper Ja Rule. Reportedly, actress Vivicia Fox may have told her NOT to date rappers but Melody sure loves being surrounded by them. For those out the loop, Vivicia's relationship with 50 went awry!

R&B singers Robin Thicke, John Legend and Joss Stone arrived at The Dream Concert to Benefit the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial at Radio City Music Hall in New York:

Joss got chatting to actor Cuba Gooding Jnr and Wyclef. Wonder what the convo was about with Wyclef. "Let's fuck for tracks"?

Former Mis-Teeq singer/MC Alesha Dixon appears in a couple of promo's for Dancing With The Stars:

This is the chick who appeared in the NERD video She Likes To Move and whom Pharrell Williams was romantically linked to on several occassions. She looks great! And glad to see she's getting on with her career after hubby MC Harvey cheated on her with UK pop singer Javine Hilton who was also a friend of hers.

Stay tuned!

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