Monday, July 16, 2007
My inbox was inundated with emails from furious Mariah Carey fans who complained to me about being conned out of their money. Early last weak, producer Mahogany had announced that he would be giving us ALL a free download on his page. The download was an unreleased track he produced for Mariah called I Feel It, taken from the recording sessons of the Mimi album:

For a week, he posted a snippet of the song, just to cause more anticipation. Then, when interest in the song became INCREDIBLY HIGH he realised he could actually make a profit from this, by CHARGING the fans for an OLD SONG (I'm a huge Mariah fan but I certainly wasn't going to pay to listen to an old track, shiiiit, I don't even pay for music period, unless I get to hear it first). OK. So he writes a new announcement on his page about throwing an exclusive "I Feel It" online listening party to the first 1,000 pre-orders where they would have exclusive rights to certain stuff including viewing a crappy MC slideshow (Boo-hoo), enjoy listening to the original samples in which "Sprung" and "I Feel It" both came from (Boo-hoo) and enjoy listening to an in depth interview of how Mahogany made the music for "Sprung" with host Legendary HipHop Producer Marly Marl (Boo-hoo). So basically, he went from urging fans to go to his page on friday at 12pm to get the free download to actually CHARGING fans for listening. Okaaaay. Mariah has some loyal ass fans, so yeah, some of them were prepared to pay because they thought it was worthwhile to hear some exclusive Mariah shit that hasn't been heard before. Mahogany urged fans to click on the PAYPAL button so fans can tap in their bank details. Once that was done, the fans believed they would get access to the listening party. But that wasn't the case at all. One fan wrote: "After 48 hours of being non-responsive, he has yet to follow through with his end of the bargain, thus becoming one of the biggest scams in Lamb history". Another furious fan also wrote: "This producer mahogany scammed a bunch of us out of 2$ each (making around 1500$$) for Mariah's unreleased Track WHEN I feel it. He kept delaying it and finanlly the track leaked so all of us got it, but its not fair to the ppl who paid their money and turns out it's for nothing and he didnt even have the decency to send the song to the ppl that paid anyway! So he hasn't even sent the song. I know it leaked but he had no intentions on giving it to us. He just proponded it all and now isnt sending it. And we placed the money right in his bank account! Hes a sneaky bastard and he needs to know he cant get away with it". And loads more emails had a petition taken out against him. And yes, what he did was fucked up. I am 100% certain that Mariah would be very upset that producers were using her just to rip off her fans - fans that she deeply cares about (Mariah is one of the most affectionate people EVER when it comes to her fans).

So, if you don't agree with what went down or if YOU were scammed, then sign this petition!!!! Thanks.


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