Tuesday, November 13, 2007
After the tragic car crash incident and the attack from a bereaved husband that Brandy came close to dancing and partying on the grave of his deceased wife, Brandy is putting ALL of her concentration on what she does best - flaunting her wig and performing her music. Yesterday, at the Ultima Pro 10 Sensational Hair Idol Show at the Convention Center in Washington D.C. she performed a number of previous hit singles:

She performed an acapella of Almost Doesn't Count as well as Full Moon and Who Is She To You? She brought along her 5-year-old daughter Syrai for good company but Brandy's performances have therefore proven that the singer is ready to take the R&B world by storm yet again. As for her pro-10 hairline, I already posted a couple of bad reviews from folks I know who actually tried out the hair. In fact, the quality is said to be so bad you can probably use it to brush your teeth. But other than that, the singer looked on top form.

More flicks:

Wow. Syrai looks the SPITTING IMAGE of her daddy. It's as if Robert ripped his face off and put it over Syrai's for good measure. Damn, he spat that child the fuck ouuuttt! And to say that he allegedly denied the child and demanded a paternity test in the bitter 'divorce' that occured between them. Oh wait, they didn't marry. That was a lie too so that Brandy could save face for getting herself knocked up before marriage. I will never forget watching her reality show on MTV which followed her pregnancy and she treated him like shit. You'd NEVER speak to a dog the way she spoke to him. Is it any wonder why Brandy can't keep a man?

Well, Chris Brown attended the Los Angeles premiere for his latest new movie This Christmas:

Stop! How old is Chris Brown's mama? She looks more like super-gran to me. She's not aging well at all. Anyway, I actually look forwards to watching this movie. It looks good judging by the previews. I wonder what his secret is. FINAL numbers are in for Exclusive. He sold 301,824 copies in the first week. Not bad I guess. At least he did better than Britney Spears *lol*

Alicia Keys performed on Good Morning America in Times Square yesterday in New York City:

Alicia's sense of style has been impressing me as of late. Musically, I love her but I will also be the first to say that her fashion choices have been very questionable in the past. Alicia drank a hot cup of tea to warm up her vocals for her performance of hit single 'No One' before taking to the stage. Her new album As I Am was released today. If you haven't got your copy yet, why not? This is a fine piece of work from Alicia and she deserves the sales.

On Sunday, Rihanna was spotted shopping in Paris at Vuitton store on Avenue Montaigne:

I love her whole entire get-up. Her stylist is doing an absolutely amazing job.

Mel B was spotted on the set of Dancing With The Stars and she took the time out to show off her impeccable abs:

It makes no damn sense to have a stomach like that after giving birth 8 months ago. THAT is crazy. I hope she wins the show. In other news, The Spice Girls Children In Need charity comeback single Headlines is a flop. Despite tickets for their reunion tour reportedly selling out in 38 seconds, the Spice Girls are not having much luck with their comeback single. Download sales for Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) have been very disappointing and the single has received little airplay on national radio stations. Also, Leona Lewis's debut album Spirit is outselling the Spice Girls' Greatest Hits by four to one on the first day of their chart battle. Their world tour kicks off on 2 December in Vancouver, Canada.

Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger was spotted making her way to an LA studio yesterday:

It's possible she was laying down new touches to her shelved pushed back album, but does anyone care at this point? Maybe her new squeeze Lewis Hamilton will. Keep it locked.

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