Thursday, October 25, 2007
I still haven't listened to that Britney album yet. Don't worry, the review should be up first thing tomorrow. The album is sitting on my desktop but I've been so pre-occupied with other stuff. Early December, I am going on an extended break and won't be back on-line until sometime in the new year but I'll let ya'll know when it's time for me to bow out. I did watch the movie Why Did I Get Married last night and it is a pretty funny flick, which widely expresses the problems that often become apparent in black marriages - the baby mama drama, the lies, the cheating and the secrets. There were quite a few chuckling-rendered moments like the scene when Mike spilled all their secrets at the breakfast table one morning during their vacation.

But what got me was when it was revealed that Marcos got the itch due to an STD he thought he'd contracted it from his baby mama when it was his wife Angela who passed it onto him after she had an affair with Walter. I know that her character was suppose to come across as the loud, aggressive and angry black woman but I thought it was a bit much but then again the overly-dramatic attitude was probably put in to provide more artistic effect (more comedy to the story). I mean, some of her lines were pretty classic. I wasn't too sold on Janet's acting especially the 'emotional/crying' scene regarding the death of baby Noah who died in a car accident (her hubby actually blamed her for his son's death).

And I realise that Janet's not all that stunning without all that damn weave which has proven to be her forte over the years. I'm just not use to seeing Janet rocking her own hair from time to time. But I was really feeling it for Jill Scott's character (Sheila). I mean, any woman would feel stripped from their dignity if her man put her down like that and knocked back her self-esteem with a bulldozer to the stomach, especially as he'd go on a constant rampage about how she was fat and not physically attractive. But the final straw was that he was using these excuses to sleep with her best friend. I was glad she found herself a good man in the end with the police officer who loved her unconditionally.

Overall, the movie was pretty good. I didn't think I'd enjoy it and I almost passed up on it simply because it was a 'Tyler Perry' movie. As someone stated in the comments section recently, maybe I'm just not understanding the inside jokes of black America or maybe I just feel that his portrayal of black people can be a little over the top at times just to consummate entertainment value. I'm glad I didn't pass up on the movie though. It was definitely witty and entertaining.

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