Thursday, October 18, 2007
You saw the magazine cover of Usher and Tameka's ESSENCE feature RIGHT HERE and now you can read the FULL interview at FOREVERUSHER.COM. Just click on the picture below and it'll direct you.

Here's an interesting quote about his mother's dismissal as his momager: "It kills me when I read what my fans think about my relationship [with my mother] because it's so wrong. I didn't fire my mother. I resigned her". How the fuck do you resign someone? That has got to be the shittiest excuse ever. I consider resignation as meaning that someone quits their role under their own initiative and that simply wasn't the case. I am pretty certain that if Maneka hadn't walked into Usher's life, Jonetta would STILL have been Usher's manager. This is the woman that indulged in wise career decisions for her son paving him out to be the superstar that he is today. What does Maneka know about being a manager? She was his stylist for crying out loud. He put this woman BEFORE his mama and now he can't bring himself to admit it.

In a radio interview that Irv Gotti did with Power 92 Chicago, Irv DENIES that he said he slept with Ashanti. The interview was an act of promo to shed some light on his VH1 reality series, "Gotti's Way". Back in August, I posted the interview he did with Wendy where he went on rant of vengeance towards Ashanti.

It appears Irv regrets foaming at the mouth now: "I was on the air with somebody [and] that's what they I felt no need to say like, 'Naw, it's not true' because all they were going to do is just keep at it. So then it became this whole thing, but you know I never said that, I never said that I slept with Ashanti or I have been with Ashanti." I always believed they slept together. I thought it was obvious. I think they did, but he regrets making it public knowledge.

According to numerous reports Asia Nitollano was no longer in the Pussy Cat Dolls as it was believed she wanted to carve out a solo career, but that's not really the case. Asia posted a message on her official myspace over the weekend to confirm that she is STILL with the group and will be very much apart of their new forthcoming album next year as well as their tour. Here's her message:

Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I have logged on here, but I have been reading through all my comments and my final answer to if I'm still a PCD is .... YES! I'm still a PCD! I will be joining them in their next album and the next tour! Make sure you come back to check for further details! Any questions please feel free to ask. With all the love & god bless, Asia Nitollano. I guess Nicole Scherzinger won't be going back then.

Here is Chris Brown's official single cover for Kiss Kiss:

The new single is now available on iTunes so CLICK HERE to get your download. You can also watch his Soundcheck performance that he did for Walmart by CLICKING HERE. The performances were hot, and ladies, he actually takes his shirt off. Well, not really but check it out anyway.

In a radio interview last Friday on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show, Janet Jackson explained her reasons why she did not go on tour this year as she had previously announced:

She stated, "I was supposed to go on tour with the last album and what had happened, which most fans don't know, is that I got with the new label and they asked me if I would be willing to consider not going on tour and going back in the studio and doing a new album and then revisiting going on tour. So I said, 'OK,' and stopped doing the rehearsals, which is what I was doing while I was filming 'Why Did I Get Married?'" As reported plenty of times on Toya's World, Janet is currently recording her new album to be released in the early quarter of 2008.

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