Tuesday, October 09, 2007
So I guess Britney fans got the raw end of the deal when her GIMME MORE video premiered last night on TRL. Turns out that it is the same one as that crappy i-Tunes "promo" vid - a video that fans HAD to PAY for yet they end up showing the exact same vid. If I were a hardcore Britney fan I'd be very pissed right now. I'm a fan but not hardcore or anything. Ah well. Another one bites the dust. She's making moves, crap video's and VMA performances and all. I guess she's deciding to let the music speak for itself. Rihanna's dog DJ is starting to become just as famous as its owner. The little fluffy animal accompanied the singer in New York whilst she did a bit of shopping in Soho:

Soon she'll be collaborating with DJ on her tracks. Ha. Anyway, I wasn't feeling her outfit or the shoes and Rih-Rih is usually on point with her elegance. She is still that chick though.

Jennifer Lopez has been EVERYWHERE this week, promoting her new album Brave. Starting with her concert at Madison Square Garden in New York:

She was joined on stage by hubby Marc Anthony, and her previous hit collaborators rappers Fat Joe and LL Cool J. She really shouldn't be dancing since she's pregnant and all. After all, there is footage which shows she almost fell on her ass at the concert. She needs to slow her roll.

The loose maternity wear continued when she performed on Good Morning America earlier today:

She is definitely glowing. I think she might be having a girl. At least looking at her from behind on TRL. She is filled out everywhere. It is even rumoured that she could be expecting twins.

More appearances:

The announcement should be coming soon. Pregnancy blues is definetely the IN thing as of late - Halle Berry, Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera, etc. Who's next?

And here are some pictures when Jen appeared on MTV's TRL this week. She was also confronted about the pregnancy:

But of course she stays frontin'.

Anyway, 7th Oct, Chrisette Michele performed at the Hip Hop Honors Celebrity Hoops game:

Does this chick have some type of excessive sweat gland? Even when she's just standing there singing away, it looks like someone poured a bucket of water all over her. Weird. On that note, stay tuned.

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