Monday, July 30, 2007
So let me try and put this together. R&B singer Usher is currently engaged (or no longer engaged) to his stylist Tameka Foster, a woman who divorced her ex-hubby Ryan Glover not too long ago. Then reports were strife when last week it was announced that Spice Girl Mel B is set to marry her new fella, director Stephen Belafonte, a year after she and Eddie Murphy were in talks to get married. Eddie Murphy not wanting to be dethroned decided to get engaged to his current girlfriend Tracey Edmonds. Notice how ONE person in each relationship was married previously:

Marriage is something that shouldn't be taken lightly instead of treating it like a new pair of rockports that just got put on the market. And it appears that Usher has figured that one out for himself because over the weekend, the wedding didn't go ahead. It was apparently called off at the last minute. There have been many reports in the press dogging Tameka depicting her as a control freak with an attitude problem who has the singer right where she wants him. Well, if this wedding cancellation is anything to go by, I seriously doubt that now. For all we know, this could be a ploy to throw off the media to stop any kind of mass invasion. It was also revealed last week that Tameka was also a con artist who did time in prison.

Eddie hasn't dated Tracey for long. And Mel B hasn't dated Stephen for long either. So it sickens me that they're treating marriage as some vengeance ploy to show one another that they are well and truly over each other. I actually think Mel decided to get engaged to Stephen just to show Eddie that she's no longer stressing over him. However, it appears Eddie wanted to dethrone their happy news with his own, kind of like a tit-for-tat battle ground. And marriage shouldn't be used in this way at all. These people hardly know each other (1 year of dating is not enough time to know someone properly). I miss the days when you stay with someone for 5 years before getting hitched.

Mel should continue to enjoy her relationship without jumping the gun and if in the long run, they are still together, then sure, get married! Eddie is dog poo and should man up and take responsibility for his daughter, and I don't think this marriage will last (if they go ahead with it). As for Usher, canceling the wedding is a sensible move and should make great musical concept for that upcoming album which has no release date yet. According to Sandra Rose, Usher canceled the wedding because he was furious that Tameka spoke to the National Enquirer and shared the profits with her sister Valencia Foster. Now of course Usher will be mad at this considering that he has written open letters regarding his disdain at bloggers and the media for speculating on the state of his relationship with Tameka and the lack of privacy. But these celebs need to stop making spectacles of themselves with these premature engagements because they'll only end up with egg on their faces when it all goes awry.

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