Saturday, October 20, 2007
Sean John launched their women's collection last night at the Sean John flagship store in NYC. Spokesgirls Cassie and Lauren London who have been advertising the line over the past couple of months put in vital appearances:

Cassie is baaaad and I mean that in a really good way. I know she was a model before she got into the singing thing but she truly is model material and I think she should go back to that because singing is just not for her.

Ciara is now on tour and it all kicked off in Seoul, Korea:

She really did try to get things poppin' for the Korean people. I'm surprised they never had her for showing off the midriff. You know how they have a strict dress code for showing off the flesh. Beyonce had to abandon her concert a couple of weeks ago simply because she failed to comply with their rules.

Solange Knowles was spotted shopping at Kitson's with her son Daniel in LA yesterday:

Awwww. He's a cutie.

Last night in Los Angeles, Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony performed at the Staples Center, where Marc INDIRECTLY confirmed that his pregnant wife was INDEED preggers:

Marc Anthony dedicated Journey's "Faithfully" to Jen but it's this part right here that got everybody talking: "This song has a whole new significance," he told the crowd. And then he started to croon this very telltale line "They say that the road ain't no place to start a family" and the audience went wild.

Beyonce continues to jack ideas for her performances. If it's not Britney Spears, Janet Jackson or Kylie Minogue, it's ....

MICHAEL JACKSON. She did this routine at her Moscow concert in Russia this week. I was 9/10 years old when my mama taped the Michael Jackson Live in Bucharest: Dangerous concert back in 1992 and he did the angel thing during the end of his song WILL YOU BE THERE. The angel would come from behind and wrap the angel wings around him. That is DEFINITELY where Beyonce got it from. Anyway, here's a vid of Beyonce arriving in Ethiopia (starts at 4:00).

Victoria Beckham and Mel B were spotted at Heathrow making their way to London from LA to shoot the Spice Girls new music video for "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)":

Mel's hubby Stephen Belafonte also tagged along. Seriously, who's anticipating them? I mean I was in my mid teens when the Spice Girls hit it big with Wannabe, and now, I wouldn't even dream about going to a Spice Girl's concert, but whatever floats your boat. Stay tuned.

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