Saturday, October 06, 2007
New music from Chris Brown can now be heard here, exclusively. It's only a snippet though but the track is believed to be from Mr Brown's new album Exclusive. The track is called HOODIN' RIDIN'. So CHECK IT! Having heard the 1 minute snippet, I need to ask, since when has Chris had any type of affiliation with hoodness? And furthermore, the track leaves little to be desired. This new album is falling short. Apart from Take U Down and Throwed (which had to grow on me at first), none of his new music has been impressing me. I try to support him but the support can only go so far when you put out lame songs like this. In other Chris Brown news, The Dream has apologized for attacking the singer for saying BED won't get to no 1 unless he is singing the track. Chris was considered for the track but it ended up going to J. Holiday. The Dream bitterly responded with the following statement to Billboard: "He said the wrong thing to me".

"He has a track from me now that I was paid for already and I want to give him his money back. At the end of the day, I'm big on principle and loyalty. Put that to bed". And now he has completely had a change of heart by reversing what he said previously: "I'm apologizing for comments directed towards Chris Brown on".

"I spoke to Chris Brown and I advised him that when he made the public statement in the September issue of Vibe Magazine I was disappointed because we worked on his project and I thought he made comments that were directed to me, and since I'm the only public figure surrounding my building, and the Song "Bed", I took it as disrespect".

"Chris said the comments were towards another part of the situation surrounding the song and I stand here to not defend my comments but to take full responsibility for my classless choice of talking through the media."

"I apoligize to Chris Brown, Mark Pitts, and Jive Records."

That's just weird how he changed his story so suddenly. Somebody must have got in that ass mad hard or he realised that making an enemy out of a big star will only contribute towards him losing credibility, and the opportunity to work with other big name acts on Jive should the opportunity arise. He's not as established as Ne-yo so he needs to realise what side his bread is buttered on.


posted by Toya @ 8:53 PM  

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