Sunday, October 14, 2007
Yesterday, Rihanna was spotted once again at 'Whatever' Tattoo' parlor in the Village, NYC:

I wonder what part of her body she went and got tattooed now. Anyway, just before that she was spotted again in NY playing with her dog DJ before making her way to play at a concert. She loves that dog. She's never really come across as a dog lover until now. Another contrived image? Cos really, she's just a good girl.

Ciara attended the BET Hip Hop Awards:

Ciara is putting her C-Shaped ass to full effect in that dress. The hair? No can do. I don't think it suits her. Plus, her hair is really thin at the sides, or it could be the hair colour who knows? She looks way better with the black hair. I do wish she'd grow some titties though, you know, make her look a lil more feminine. That last picture is really funny to me. No matter how high JD tries to jump, he still cannot get pass Ciara.

She was also spotted with Jermaine Dupri at the 2nd annual Pre-BET Hip-Hop Awards bash at Studio 72 in Atlanta:

Ciara stays chilling with the boyfriend of her idol. I wonder if they'll hook up on her new album.

And Keyshia Cole was also at the actual event as well:

She rocking the same melted leather pants Rihanna wore the other day. At first glance I thought it was T.Boz.

Here's a brand new photoshoot she did recently:

Oh, and did ya'll know that Keyshia is actually BIRACIAL? Cos I certainly didn't. She looks straight black to me. Accordingly, her deceased father was a white man from Italy and it was also brought to my attention that she admitted her dad being white on her show last year. Shiiiid. You learn new shit each day.

Anyway, who else was at the BET Hip Hop Award? Well, there was Lil Mama, Lyfe Jennings and King of the White Girls, Polow Da Don:

Lil Mama is super fug. She do look the spitting image of Bow Wow dressed in drag though. Lyfe Jennings has a new album out soon. As soon as this December. The new single is called Cop Up from the 11-track set. And Polow was looking a right damn fool. Becky can have him. Mario Barrett also attended as well as others.

Kat DeLuna was looking a right state when she supported Rihanna in concert at the Nokio Theater in NYC Thursday night:

Why does she always look so mingin'?

Ty Hunter is the best friend and stylist of Beyonce and over the weekend, he posted these pictures of himself and Beyonce on his Myspace acting all goofy when she put in an appearance of a 31st July taping of TRL:

Sometimes I am prone to believe that Beyonce is a figment of the robotic species. It's not often you see any personality shining out of that pretty ass of hers, and even when she puts on a display of goofiness, she still manages to look cute somehow. Stay tuned.

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