Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Beyonce put her bling credibility to good use last night when she attended a promotion in Milan for the perfume Diamonds:

Beyonce was chosen as the face of Giorgio Armani's new perfume and looked refreshed and sexy in a burgundy satin halter neck dress. The man himself was there to greet the singer as she semi-cheesed for the camera's and signed bottles of the perfume which according to the press release is said to be a 'irresistibly feminine fragrance' which is a 'wonderful combination of woods and amber mixed with lychee and raspberry'. I think I'd rather smell of dog poo. But anyway, moving right along for more Beyacki yuck schmuck.

More flicks:

Bling queen she might be. However ....

This past weekend, I posted pictures of Beyonce and her man Jay-Z at the New Jersey Nets vs Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball game in East Rutherford, New Jersey, December 14, 2007:

Jay-Z managed to reveal a new tattoo on the left-hand of his wedding ring finger. I wonder what that meant. Well wonder no more.

Here are the close ops:

Click on the images for a slightly better view. Beyonce's can be seen above her ring. It's supposed to be "IV" - her birthday is September 4th and his birthday is December 4th. Another rumour is that it stands for 'forever.' Secret marriage? I wouldn't be surprised but yes, it appears that the crazily in love couple got themselves a set of matching tattoo's as a declaration of their love for one another. Cute. But I think I'd rather prefer the bling. I guess bling comes as nothing to Bey these days as her man stay on his grind with his multi-million dollar enterprises expanding into bigger territory. Jay-Z is venturing into Donald Trump territory with the announced launch of his new J-Hotel chain in Manhattan. He is to open a hotel in Manhatten and has already purchased the land. Good for his camel ass huh? I got to give it to him though, he is ambitious as HELL.

Rihanna continued to sex it up at her Good Girl Gone Bad tour at Wembley Arena in London:


Don't you just hate that you love her?

Mary J Blige continued with her promo for new album Growing Pains by appearing and performing on 106:

She performed her latest new single 'Just Fine'. According to the presenter she is the undisputed Queen of Hip Hop/Soul in which no one can take her crown, but she sure don't act like it. I can't wait for her final sales to kick in.

My girl Tamia performed at Power 105.1:


Spice Girl Mel B and hubby Stephen Belafonte entertained shoppers at Selfridge's in London to help raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation:

I don't know what it is but her fella gives me the creeps. Something with him just doesn't sit right, not to mention he looks like a younger version of a black Phil Mitchell. He is definitely a shady one. You can see it in his face. But she loves him so ....

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