Monday, November 19, 2007
As we come to the near end of 2007, it had to go out in style with one of music's biggest and glitziest award ceremonies. And the line-up at the 2007 American Music Awards was pretty impressive, dare I say. Some of the presenters included Ashanti, Lyfe Jennings, Sean Kingston, Solange Knowles, Jordin Sparks, Usher and Ryan Seacrest. And then we had R&B's most extravagant performers such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Mary J Blige, Nicole Scherzinger, Fergie, and the list is endless.


My MAIN question is - what happened to Mariah Carey who was also named as a performer? Nevertheless, I'm sure she'll be putting in an appearance at all the award shows next year when she's ready to release that album. I noticed how it was also an American Idol haven because a lot of the runner-ups were there as well including Kelly Pickler and Chris Daughtry (who won a gong), and then the main American Idol winners such as Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks. Carrie cleaned up last night. Chris Daughtry may have won an award but American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino lost out to Rihanna.

So let's talk performances. Chris Brown performed his no 1 hit single Kiss Kiss:

I thought his performance was good. The end part where they were dancing upside down was pretty cool, and I liked the beginning. However, the strenuous choreography and the lip-syncing is starting to leave me baffled. His idol Michael Jackson sang AND danced at the same time and that's a technique Chris is going to have to learn if he's planning to develop himself further as an artist.

Now for my girl Alicia Keys. Alicia performed a dancehall rendition of her smash hit single No One:

She was joined on stage by Jamaican dancehall artists Chaka Demus & Plius and Beenie Man. It was good seeing her remove herself from the piano to do a dance routine but it looked like she was counting the steps in her head. I didn't like the reggae rendition of her song but I did enjoy the performance. It was fun and Alicia was getting down but she doesn't have much rhythm. Aw bless her though, she tries! But watching Alicia dance is like watching Mariah Carey. It's like watching a white girl trying to dance to reggae music.

Ashanti was there to present an award:

She looked cute.

Beyonce looked great. I was totally feeling her dress. It accentuated her curves really well. She was definitely the golden girl last night, from head to toe:

Beyonce was recognised with the International Artist Award of Excellence. And I'm not trying to hate. She's had a very fulfilled, high-flying music/acting career for the past 10 years but Mary J Blige should have received the award before Beyonce. I don't think she's at legendary status just yet. The Bootylicious star joins pop legend Michael Jackson who has been a past recipient of the Award.

Usher presented her with the legendary Award:

Usher looked a shadow of his former self. He must've watched Chris Brown's performance and silently weeped.

Check out Beyonce's December 2007 cover of Harper Bazaar:

This is one baaaad ass cover and I mean that in a really good way. Always thriving in her photoshoots.

However, her country version of Irreplaceable was quite a shocker:

She performed the song with country act Sugarland. When I first saw this performance, I was like hell naaawww! WTF is this shit? But my disappointment was nothing compared to some of the guys I know. They were expecting to see some pussy-popping, but didn't get it. I was hoping for a more energetic performance. Lawd, Beyonce will pimp out ANY genre of music just to appeal to a diverse demographic. I am starting to get scared about this new album of hers. Be very afraid. Soon enough, Beyonce will be hitting us up with a Bhangra version of Deja Vu. She's done EVERY genre possible. Last night on the AMA's, it was stated that Beyonce has sold 150 million albums worldwide. And that includes albums with Destiny's Child. But 150 million? Yeah right. Matthew Knowles and that camp are a damn lie. If that's true, I can shit money.

Anyway, her lil sister Solange was there to host:

Her dress was so unflattering. The big hair didn't work in her favour either.

Now, I think I'm about to set a world record on Toya's World and say that Rihanna didn't look good last night. Her red carpet outfit was absolutely atrocious:

No! She's ruined the title as being the artist with the most consistency on the red carpet. Who chose this?

However, her stage get-up was a vast improvement. She sang her latest hit Hate That I Love You with Ne-yo:

.... and won an Award for Favorite Female Artist. Her performance was just okay to me. There weren't much chemistry between her and Ne-yo. But I will give her much credit and say that she ALWAYS sounds like the record no matter what.

Mel B was there too, and hosted:

Glitter appears to be a girl's best friend.

Anyway, Mary J Blige also took to the stage when she performed her latest new single Just Fine:

I enjoyed her performance. Just Fine is my muthafucking song. She was working it. She's not a dancer by any means but she was feeling her performance, also showing us that you don't need a herd of background dancers for a lively performance. She was looking a lot like her old self, which is good. But if her new album doesn't live up to the hype, her hubby Kendu should start slapping her about which would make up for good song content. That said, I look forwards to the album. The Breakthrough was hot.

Anyway, she was spotted out and about again:

..... looking deranged. And why does so much oil make it a habit of leaking from her pores?

Fergie performed Clumsy at the AMA's:

Ironic. Clumsy performance. I wasn't feeling it at all. But her face was looking a lot less meth-possessed.

Nicole Scherzinger performed latest flop 'Baby Love':

Her fashion sense was also a disaster. In fact, her whole presence was just irrelevant. Her performance bored me senseless, and her vocal wasn't hot at all.

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks showed up:

She looked nice. And I downloaded her new album, retail version, a couple of days ago and it's not that bad at all.

Alicia Keys had a special event this weekend where she performed tracks from her new album 'As I Am' at Bellavardo Studios:

.... Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton attended the event.

Former B2K members were spotted together this past weekend. Their music was quite a catch. I really liked their Pandemonium! album:

I use to have a mad crush on J.Boog back in the day. Now he's a father to a beautiful little girl. The guys also have a reality show called 'Life After B2K'. Interesting.

John Legend and his girlfriend were spotted shopping on Robertson Blvd. on November 18, 2007:

She's pretty.

Over the weekend, Chrisette Michele performed at BET's Rap-It-Up and Hip Hop 4 Life Youth Empowerment Week:

Chrissy stays doing her thang.

Amy Winehouse is going bald. Either she's doing it herself by ripping out her hair (she's been consistent with the self-harming lately so this isn't so farfected) or she is suffering alopecia due to severe traumatic stress. The state of Amy's mental and physical health appear to worsen especially now that hubby Blake is in prison. Amy looked troubled as minders hustled her out of a British Airways airport:

.... and when a fan asked her for an autograph, she told the girl to "fuck off". She needs help ASAP, cos it doesn't look like things will end well. Keep it locked.

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