Friday, October 26, 2007
I finally listened to Britney's new album Blackout last night (out Oct 30th), and I have to say that the album is PURE pop genius. If you thought that In The Zone was a hot album, then this completely shits on it. This is the type of album that Nicole Scherzinger should have put out. I bet she's kicking herself now, considering that she got the stale (and possibly wack) Ne-yo joints that were meant for Britney. And Britney did the songs just as much justice as the producers (she even has a couple of writing credits). Some people might disagree but her airy yet weightless vocal delivery is executed brilliantly with the music. The truth is, her type of voice is what suits the music especially THIS type of music. I can't see the same result if the tracks were given to certain types of artists. At the end of the day, Britney knows her sound and what works for her.

Danja, Bloodshy & Avant, Sean Garrett, and The Clutch all contributed to the brilliance that this album truly is. And Danja is setting the standard that I'm sure a lot of artists will be queuing up to work with him in the near future. I would love to see him cook up something for Beyonce's new album considering that his mentor Timbaland has been put forward to do the job. A Danja and Beyonce production would be fucking dynamite territory. He is such a talented producer alongside one of my favourites Bryan Michael Cox. I look forwards to hearing more of his work in the future. Actually, that may not be too far off. I read that he's done some work on the new Leona Lewis album so I totally look forwards to that.

As for Britney, I am as pleased as a fiddle that the Ne-yo tracks got scrapped. He is such a boring producer who lacks innovation and creativity. I think he's a lazy producer who just won't explore outside the boundaries with his sound. I know every producer has their signature style but a good producer is also an ambiguous one as well. And I get the feeling that his music wouldn't have been all that cohesive with the rest of the album anyway. As for there not being any ballads, this is a first but entirely appropriate. The album has to flow with the uptempo club-dance synth-pop magnitude that it represents. As for the standout tracks, mine would have to be Radar, Break The Ice (confirmed 2nd single), Get Naked, Freakshow, Toy Soldier, Why Should I Be So Sad and of course the Keri Hilson penned Perfect Lover, not to say that the other tracks aren't as good, but these ones just caught my attention a little bit more.

The album is a goldmine from beginning to end. However, I think it's sad that her record label is pimping her out just for the money and not prioritizing on the real issue that she's too troubled to promote the album (it should have been pushed back to next year until she got her shit together). In fact, I fear the problems surrounding her personal life will override the greatness of this album. I fear that because of this, the album is at risk of becoming Britney's most underrated work, when this is Britney's best work EVER and one of the hottest pop albums to come out in years past.

Rating: 5/5

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