Friday, July 13, 2007
Yesterday, we read a message from Danity Kane member Dawn Richards who wrote on her Myspace bulletin that Aubrey O'Day and D.Woods are pursuing solo projects, and the direction of her post almost read as if two of the girls had quit. However, D.Woods left a message on her Myspace to clear up the rumours.

She says she has NOT left Danity Kane. As for Aubrey, her status in the group is still unclear and will remain so, unless she releases HER official statement which could be anytime soon. To me, all this just proves that ALL is STILL not well with the group because they obviously have communication issues. It appears neither of them know what's going on with each other and such public fiasco regarding the group's future could have been avoided. Read D.Wood's statement inside this post.

I felt the time has come for me to address the statements made about me concerning my status in Danity Kane. I wasn't going to, but things have spun out of control and alot of peopele are wondering what's up.

On Tuesday morning I woke up to the sound of email after email and phone call after phone call, all asking, "yo is this left the group"? I myself was shocked, i didnt know what was going on, who said this and why. All i do know is rumors are started everyday and like I was always told " As long as they talking about you..." (Shout out to Wendy Williams, love you girl).

However the problem begins when those on the inside circle fuel the rumors and put out false statements and speak on behalf of those in question, namely me or anyone the rumor is about. It's very messy, reads as malice, and is just not a good look all together. But yet again, the REAL problem REALLY begins, or reveals itself, when trying to address these premature and unprofessional actions. Statements and feelings expressed were unexpectedly heard, deep seeded feelings that were harbored and never fully dealt with. I urge, be careful sidekick users (or anyone screening your calls to avoid confrontation). there tends to be a delay on the "end" button on these devices or if you're not careful you might hit "send" and call someone without knowing it.

I won't go into what was heard but i will say that my time as a member of DK has been a rocky rollercoaster with blows coming from all angles. But i have enjoyed it, gave my all, added to my artistry, met alot of great people, and have seen alot of things. I've been blessed to be a founding member of this group, so NO i havent left. I have extended myself in many ways and have been up front and inclusive about everything i've done since joining Danity Kane. I havent left the group, and when the time comes for us to pursue our other desires it will be in a much more professional manner.

For those wondering about "The Girls Club", it is not a group that i have left DK for. It is an organization i've been apart of since before DK. It is my writing team made up of myself, SHANELL aka SNL and MIKA MEANS, along with a crew of many females doing their thing in the industry to create a movement of BOSS B*!@HES. If you wanna learn more about us check out and look out for THE GIRLS CLUB MIXTAPE featuring remixes and original tracks from MIKA MEANS SHANELL aka SNL, D.WOODS and friends but most importantly some of my group members AUBREY AND DAWN of DANITY KANE.

much love and thanks for the support!
ya girl D.WOODS


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